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Rachel de Haan
Rachel de Haan
Published at: 13-09-2021
Last modified at: 13-09-2021

What is the Dutch Nao Team?
The Dutch Nao Team is a group of bachelor and master students focused on programming humanoid robots to play football autonomously. We test our abilities in yearly competitions such as the Robocup, where we ended up in 9th place (of 24). Furthermore, the Dutch Nao Team performs additional activities, for example; giving demos and presentations, providing information to robot owners, giving out bachelor projects and providing thesis subjects for bachelors.

What do team members do?
To be able to play football we solve all kinds of problems in different domains such as computer-vision, locomotion, behavior, code optimisation and framework management. Languages we use are C++, Python and Bash. Team Members spend around four hours a week on the robots.

The event:
If you find this interesting, then we would like to invite you to our lab. You can sign with the google form, we will send a reminder two days before the OpenLab takes place. Please bring a face mask!
When: 11:00 - 13:00 on 21-09-21
Sign up if you'd like to attend!
Email: info@dutchnaoteam.nl

This event is worth 1 colloquium point.