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via, short for 'Vereniging Informatiewetenschappen Amsterdam' (Dutch), is the study association for Computer Science, Artificial Intelligence and Information Science at the University of Amsterdam.

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International Women's Day Hangout Session

Gerben Koopman 2021-03-02

International Women's day is coming up and we would like to use this occasion to hang out with you all!

Together with the Faculty Diversity Office, Diversity Talks and WiF (staff), we are organizing a casual hangout session on Zoom (March 8, 8-9 pm). We invite you all to come talk about what this day means to you, your experiences, and or the people you look up to, for example. Other than that, we will play some fun games to get to know each other a little better!
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Study buddy

Eva Oostenbrink 2021-02-16

During these times it may be difficult to find someone to study with in between your lectures. Sitting together in the Brainwave to work on an assignment together is not possible right now. To make it a little easier to get in touch with other students you can register through this form. By telling us which programme you are in and what year we will try to pair you up with a fellow student. We’ll try to find someone for you within a week, depending on how many applications we get. After that you can contact each other to study together or just to get to know each other first.
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Buy your ticket for Awesome IT

Nina Wagenaar 2021-02-15

On the 9th of April 2021 the first online edition of Awesome IT will take place. We won’t use some boring meeting tool, but we will build a beautiful online conference room where you can move around and meet your friends. We will have a number of interesting talks from experts on all kinds of topics within IT. As usual, bachelor students will be able to receive two colloquium points. The ticket sale has started on, for just 1 euro you will be able to attend this awesome conference. Until the 9th of April!
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Coordinators wanted!

Gerben Koopman 2021-02-15

Dear members,

In recent months, a number of coordinators have indicated that they are looking for a successor. Are you thinking, I would love to organize fun activities and manage a group of enthusiastic members, maybe the role of coordinator is something for you! In case you forgot, here is a reminder with all the committees that are still looking for a new coordinator:
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Students’ experiences with online education

Gerben Koopman 2021-02-12

The University Executive Board has commissioned research into the experiences of students and lecturers with online education. To this end, we are looking for UvA students who would like to share their experiences with online education during an online focus group.

Would you like to share your experiences with online education at the UvA with fellow students from your faculty?
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Join the UvA Create a Course Challenge Special Edition: Sustainability

Gerben Koopman 2021-02-11

Do you think the UvA should pay more attention to sustainability in education? Do you have a great idea for a new course? Join the special edition of The UvA Create a Course Challenge! We challenge you to submit your idea for a new course before 17 March. Who knows – next year, you may get to work as a student assistant in your own course!
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The faculty presents: Sense of Belonging in Times of Crisis (online)

Gerben Koopman 2021-02-04

In times of crisis, should everyone fend for themselves or is this the right time to build our community, our sense of belonging? As we are trying to foster belongingness, are we sure that no one is left out, and that we are still as inclusive as we aim to be? In the current circumstances it is easy to slip into a passive mindset, but these times call for us to look beyond what we see on our screens and look into people's lives if we want to nurture our sense of belonging. But what exactly is meant by a sense of belonging? Who is responsible to not only keep this sense of belonging alive, but strengthen it during times of crisis? And finally, with all the new measures implemented to combat the virus, are virtual social activities enough to foster a sense of belonging both for students and staff?
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Activity overview

  • Mon 4 jan (20:00) - Fri 12 mar (22:00)
  • Discord
Who is the best gamer of via? To answer this question for good, the Kickstart Committee is organising a ten-week game tournament starting on the 4th of January. Games like Minecraft and League of Legends, but also JackBox and Pictionary will be played during this event! Every week a different game will be played and you and your opponent will have to compete against each on a moment you choose yourself. Of course all scores will be combined on one scoreboard. After ten weeks it will be clear who is **via's** best gamer in all areas! Sign up right away, and who knows, you might even take home that first prize!
  • Mon 1 mar (12:00) - Mon 8 mar (12:00)
**Last updates**: - 3 March 12:00 : 3 new problems are now available! - 2 March 13:20 : The statement of problem 5 has been updated. - 2 March 16:00 : The statement of problem 13 has been updated. - 2 March 13:30 : Morgen om 12:00 komen er 3 nieuwe problemen online.
  • Monday 8 mar 18:30 - 22:00
  • Zoom
On **March 8th**, the General Assembly about the Board Advisory Committee will take place. This General Assembly we will vote on a new Board Advisory Committee and potentially on a new Application Committee. Furthermore, the board will present an amendment to the by-laws for the General Assembly to vote on. Finally, as has been mentioned at the previous General Assembly, a member has been put forward as a Member of Merit so this will be voted on.
  • Wed 10 mar (17:00) - Sat 10 apr (18:00)
  • Online
**What is the team?** The Dutch Nao Team is a group of bachelor and master students focused on programming humanoid robots to play football autonomously. We test our abilities in yearly competitions such as the Robocup where we ended up in 9th place (of 24). Furthermore, the Dutch Nao Team performs additional activities, for example; giving demo's and presentations, provide information to robot owners, giving out bachelor projects and providing thesis subjects for bachelors.

Do you have an idea for an activity?
Send an e-mail to the Activitycommittee.



Technology - Data Business Group - Talent Factory

Accenture, internship

The professionals within the Digital cluster of Accenture Technology work together with our clients to implement all sorts of digital technologies. You can think of: Business Intelligence, AI, front end development, Big Data, Internet of Things applications, Data Science, mobile apps, Data Management, Machine Learning, full stack development and Data Mining. Put your expertise to work as part of the world’s largest independent technology services provider and lead the way as a trendsetter in your field. We’re ready if you are!The Accenture Technology Digital cluster consists of several areas:

Universiteit van Amsterdam

Student Assistent Datastructuren en Algoritmen, Lineaire Algebra KI/INF, Introduction to Computer Vision en Computational Musicology

Universiteit van Amsterdam, part-time

Wil jij naast je studie een leerzame, serieuze en leuke bijbaan voor periode 4 en/of 5 bij de Bachelor Kunstmatige Intelligentie? Voor de vakken Datastructuren en Algoritmen, Lineaire Algebra KI/INF, Introduction to Computer Vision en Computational Musicology (geen musicologische kennis vereist) zoek ik nog TA’s. Als je belangstelling hebt kun je mij een mail met je CV stuen: Anja Ruhland, aanstellingscoordinator Bachelor KI ( Je kunt ook reageren als je denkt voldoende kennis te hebben, zonder dat je zelf de Bachelor KI hebt gevolgd. Ervaring in lesgeven is niet noodzakelijk, voldoende kennis van de genoemde vakken wel. Kijk hier voor meer informatie:


Internship - Industry X.0 Inspiration Center

Accenture, internship

Disrupt the way the world works by using your skills to transform Accenture clients into the digital industries of tomorrow. Unleash your talent and bring businesses closer to the people they serve via cutting edge digital solutions developed by you. Leave your digital mark on the world.

Universiteit van Amsterdam

AI Student Assistant Research Project: Open Data Science Repository

Universiteit van Amsterdam, part-time

ADS is researching whether there is a need for a Data Science repository. This means a place where different Data Science course materials can be shared for internal (and external) use. The materials will include many different course levels to educate data science. This material can be used during lectures or offered to students seeking additional or more in depth knowledge.