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via, short for 'Vereniging Informatiewetenschappen Amsterdam' (Dutch), is the study association for Computer Science, Artificial Intelligence and Information Science at the University of Amsterdam.

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Project with children about technology

Floor van de Leur 2022-01-18

Are you ready for an experience that will change your view of Amsterdam? And do you want to teach and inspire children about technology and the digital world around them?

Then Stichting Move is looking for you! Move is committed to children aged 10 to 16 who have fewer opportunities than their peers.

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New Year's Survey FSR

Floor van de Leur 2022-01-14

The FSR wants to hear your opinion via their annual New Year's Survey! Fill it out if you want to help think about the problems at Science Park. You might even win a 50 euro voucher! That's a win-win situation, so quickly click here to participate.

Call for problems for the (B)APC

Floor van de Leur 2022-01-14

The Benelux Algorithm Programming Contest (BAPC) is an annual programming contest where you solve algorithmic problems as part of a team. Next year the BAPC will take place at the TU Eindhoven. The preliminaries (the APC) are organized by our own Competition Committee at our beloved Science Park. For the coming editions of the APC and the BAPC in the fall of 2022, the organization is looking for original programming problems. So do you have a nice idea for a programming puzzle? Then take a look at this call for problems. The deadline is on January 22nd. If you'd like to take part in the jury, you can also find more information via the link above.

Board update week 1

Floor van de Leur 2022-01-09

Dear members,

This is the first board update of 2022! First of all we would like to wish you all a very happy new year. It’s been a strange couple of weeks with the holidays in lockdown, but we hope you have enjoyed yourselves nevertheless.

You’re obviously wondering what the board has been up to these past few weeks. Of course we have celebrated the holidays, but additionally we’ve been busy wrapping up the year. The four of us made some cute Christmas and winter photos, which you can admire on the via and FNWI Instagram pages ( and @uva_science). Björn also received and processed a whole bunch of declarations from committees that were still allowed to spend their thank-you budgets. Dylan and Floor spent their time in isolation, because unfortunately our big friend omicron came to visit us. Felix had some last minute sponsorship talks, so we’ll start off the year with some incoming money. But we've been especially busy the last few weeks with teaching the candidate board all that we know! The candidates are now busy writing a policy plan, for which you will soon be able to provide input and feedback.

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To Dah Loo: January 2022

Floor van de Leur 2022-01-09

The To Dah Loo is the monthly newsletter that is posted on the doors of the toilets at Science Park 904. It is especially made for UvA Science Students and published by the Faculty of Science in cooperation with the Faculty Student Council. The online edition for December can be found here.

In this edition a new FSR column, an interview with a library employee, a training about dealing with stress, and a New Year's survey.

Hacking servers of Web Technology students? Keep it decent!

Floor van de Leur 2022-01-04

In January, the course Webtechnologie (Web Technology) will be taught to first year students Computer Science and Artificial Intelligence. Traditionally, members of via try to hack into the students' servers. That is fine, since it forces the students to think about their security, but the course teachers would like to remind you that hacking the servers should not have big consequences for the students. Therefore they want to ask you to make small changes only, make a backup before you edit code, and leave a message for the students so they know what is going on. As long as you comply with these guidelines, we wish you good luck hacking the servers!

Job opening secretary FSR (Dutch only)

Floor van de Leur 2022-01-04

This job opening is for fluent speakers of Dutch only. If you would like to read it in Dutch, you can change your language settings by clicking on the globe in the top right corner.

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Activity overview

  • Sun 23 jan (12:00) - Sat 29 jan (12:00)
  • Online

From January 23 until January 29 you can start solving programming problems again! New programming puzzles will be put online daily and you can start solving them. On the live scoreboard you can keep an eye on your performance compared to the others. If you solve the most problems, you can also win great prizes! From January 23, 12:00 the tasks will be available on and you can get started....

  • Monday 24 jan 17:00 - 18:00

Contrary to previous reporting, the feedback moment will take place via Zoom (

Note that the policy plan is only avalible in Dutch.

The candidate board 23 has been busy writing a policy plan over the past weeks (with your input). On Monday January 24th at 5 PM there is the possibility to give your feedback, so we can process this feedback before the general assembly. The buget is avalible...

JackBox game night

in 4 days
  • Wednesday 26 jan 20:00 - 22:00



in 2 weeks
  • Saturday 5 feb 10:00 - 17:00

FOSDEM is the Open-Source-conference in Brussels where a wide range of talks and events are offered, and it is completely free! Due to corona, there will not be more than 500 speakers this year, but there are still plenty of talks to follow via the livestream. Entry is still free, and since we don't have to organize a trip, the whole event is free! The list of talks can be found on the website.


Do you have an idea for an activity?
Send an e-mail to the Activitycommittee.


I&DT Software Groep

C#.NET Applicatie Ontwikkelaar Zorg ICT

I&DT Software Groep, part-time

Binnen een dynamisch Scrum team werken aan een SaaS applicatie voor de zorgsector. Gebruikersvriendelijke en proces ondersteunende software ontwikkelen van ontwerp, softwareontwikkeling tot aan eindtesten met de nieuwste technologie gestoeld op generieke en een uniek en flexibel metadata-drive databasesoftware framework.


Copernica is looking for a front-end developer

Copernica, part-time

Copernica is looking for a front-end developer to expand our dashboards and improve user experience. You will be working on the Copernica Marketing Suite, the SMTPeter dashboard and the MailerQ management console.


Copernica is looking for an experienced back-end developer

Copernica, part-time

As a back-end developer at Copernica you are responsible for creating, maintaining and testing our software. Not only for our web applications, but also our databases, integrations, APIs and other back-end processes. We are looking for a developer that is experienced in working with large amounts of data and that is excited to work with our own MapReduce framework (Yothalot).


Data Science Stage

BS-HTG, internship

Onze afdeling Date Science is een afdeling met een lading aan nog onbeantwoorde vragen, dat betekent veel mogelijkheden voor jouw onderzoek. Je gaat onderzoek doen naar markttoegangsstrategieën voor onze drank- of gezondheids- en schoonheidsdivisie. Voor een stage waar je ervaring wilt opdoen, bieden wij ook een plek. Je kunt met ons mee naar (online) conferenties, internationale contacten opdoen en leren hoe werken in een internationale omgeving echt voelt!