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via, short for 'Vereniging Informatiewetenschappen Amsterdam' (Dutch), is the study association for Computer Science, Artificial Intelligence and Information Science at the University of Amsterdam.

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Navara kennisfestival 6 april

Merlijne Reeuwijk
| 2023-03-17

Navara is dé high-end Tech consultancy waar gepassioneerde collega’s met een technische master werkzaam zijn en dagdagelijks werken aan digitale platformen en producten. Twee keer per jaar organiseert Navara een kennisfestival. Een unieke mogelijkheid om op een informele wijze de organisatie te leren kennen, kennis op te doen of bij te praten tijdens de borrel. Tijdens het kennisfestival zijn er 15 break-out sessies waarin er relevante onderwerpen worden uitgelicht. Dit door sprekers met een indrukwekkend track-record.

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How does your engineering study translate to everyday life at ASML?

Merlijne Reeuwijk
| 2023-03-06

At ASML's events for engineering masters and graduates, you'll:

🤯 Learn about the most advanced machines in the world

❓ Get to ask all of your questions about working at ASML

🤝🏻 Meet with engineers to 'meet the future you'

✨ Immerse yourself in a diverse and dynamic culture

🧩 Solve real ASML engineering puzzles

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Cloudflight Coding Contest

Thies Nieborg

The Cloudflight Coding Contest is one of the biggest international coding competitions. This year's Amsterdam-based edition will be hosted at the VU on the 31st of March. Are you a student interested in coding or do you know someone that would like to participate?

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The contest is open for anyone to join, all levels of coding experience are welcome.

Poll about the schedules

Thies Nieborg

Dear students,

This semester was the first time using GLASS to enroll for courses. The student council (FSR) would like to know if your schedule was published on time and if you have any remarks about GLASS. The survey has three questions and will take only a few seconds. Thanks for filling it in!

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Let's get tropical!

Merlijne Reeuwijk
| 2023-02-23

Prosperity by IMC Trading is here! Join our tropical trading #challenge for your chance to win 25,000$! In addition, IMC will donate 25,000$ in the winner's name to The Ocean Cleanup.

This 10 Day global competition is open to all #STEM university students and begins on Monday, March 20th. Basic python skills are required to allow you to code your algorithm. Rest assured, our dedicated wiki will teach you everything you need to know before the challenge begins. Join fully remote, from anywhere, alone or in a team (max 5 people).

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Turkey and Syria earthquake collection point

Thies Nieborg

From today through Friday, Feb. 24, a fundraiser will be held in the lobby of the main Science Park building. The action is to collect items for "Save a life in Turkey". New items are welcome, but no food will be accepted.

The topper of january!

Mabel Traube

Dave van Wijk is our first topper of the year 2023! He joined our association only half a year ago, but he always helps enthusiastically with everything. When Dave is in the Kelder, there is always a good vibe! He is in the kickstart committee, competition committee, and the mole committee, where he always helps a lot with everything. He also makes beautiful posters now and then for all sorts of via-activities! We thank Dave for his enthusiasm and help!

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To Dah Loo: February 2023

Thies Nieborg

The To Dah Loo is the monthly newsletter that is posted on the doors of the toilets at Science Park 904. It is especially made for UvA Science Students and published by the Faculty of Science in cooperation with the Faculty Student Council. The online edition for February can be found here.

This edition features how two students worked to improve exams for dyslexic FNWI students.

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Activity overview

Lecture PWC

in 1 day
  • Thursday 23 mar 17:00 - 18:00
  • C0.05

Curious how ransomware groups like Lockbit execute their attacks in practice?

In this presentation we go into detail. As a Red Team operator, Cedric simulates ransomware attacks at clients, and as a Blue Team engineer, Maarten helps clients to defend against them. Ransomware groups use the same tools and protocols that we use in our Red Team engagements. In this presentation we discuss technical weaknesses...

Pub quiz drink

in 1 day
  • Thursday 23 mar 18:00 - 22:00
  • Brainwave

On Thursday 23 March there will be a fantastic pub quiz that you absolutely cannot miss! This pub quiz is the perfect opportunity to get together with fellow students and have a nice evening full of fun. Moreover, it is the ideal way to put your knowledge to the test and show what you know. But the most important thing is that it's just really fun. We're giving away 50L beer so you can't miss it! Come...

Lecture PRDCT

in 2 weeks
  • Thursday 6 apr 17:00 - 18:00
  • C0.05

Why data projects are doomed to fail

Data is worthless without context. Capturing and interpreting context is essential in every data driven project, but this interpretation is often dynamic. The use of misinterpreted or out-of-context data is a common source of failure in these projects: there is no single version of the truth in data, so how do we determine which context to use for which application?...

  • Thursday 6 apr 18:00 - 22:00
  • Brainwave

Always been curious about the fun activities happening at via, and who makes it happen behind the scenes? Do you secretly want to organize something as well, but are you not sure what, how or with whom? Come to the committee market where our committees will present themselves. Talk to members of the committees, take a look around their stalls to see what kind of events they organize, and participate...

Do you have an idea for an activity?
Send an e-mail to the Activitycommittee.



Data Engineering Consultant

Riskquest, full-time

Next level in Data Engineering

As a Data Engineering Consultant, you develop the best data solutions for leading (financial) institutions in the Netherlands. With us you will work directly with the client. You will learn how to construct data solutions, which will be used for model development. Furthermore, you will learn how solutions and models are implemented in a company. You will be directly responsible, and you will work together with your RiskQuest colleagues at projects at banks, insurers, and pension funds. In addition to good compensation, we offer flexible working hours and a lot of substantive challenge.


IT consultant - Digital Sourcing

KPMG, full-time

Het Digital Sourcing team van KPMG is aan het groeien! Wij zoeken daarom een consultant die een zelfstandige rol kan oppakken bij het adviseren van onze klanten op hun IT strategie. Wil jij werken aan nationale en internationale vraagstukken, zoals het afsluiten van strategische contracten met externe leveranciers, het bedenken van een toekomst-vaste strategie of het implementeren van nieuwe technologie? Haal jij graag het maximale uit jezelf en vind je het leuk om mee te groeien met dit hechte team? Dan verwelkomen we je graag bij Digital Sourcing.


Consultant Forensic Technology

KPMG, full-time

Cybercrime, witwaspraktijken en terrorismefinanciering: als consultant maak jij onderdeel uit van hét CSI-team op het gebied van fraude. Wil je samen met collega's verdachte zaken tot in de puntjes uitzoeken? Ben je analytisch en nieuwsgierig van aard? Dan is dit de juiste functie voor jou!


Scriptiestage Technology Risk

EY, internship

EY is een wereldwijde speler actief op het gebied van (Tech) Consultancy, Assurance, Tax, Transactions. Met onze expertise, systemen en financiële diensten dragen we bij aan een betere werkomgeving. Dat begint met een cultuur waarin je training, kansen en creatieve vrijheid krijgt om jezelf en EY continu te verbeteren. Van kleine bedrijven tot 's werelds bekendste merken, onze klanten rekenen op betrouwbare financiële overzichten. Binnen Assurance speel je een belangrijke rol in het creëren van vertrouwen. Je analyseert de gegevens achter de bedrijfsactiviteiten van onze klanten, zodat zij, hun investeerders en hun toezichthouders een duidelijk beeld hebben van hoe ze presteren. Dit is essentieel voor van het goed functioneren van de maatschappij en de financiële markten.