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via, short for 'Vereniging Informatiewetenschappen Amsterdam' (Dutch), is the study association for Computer Science, Artificial Intelligence and Information Science at the University of Amsterdam.

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Book sales first semester

Mund Vetter 2020-08-08

The book sales for the first semester of this year have started! You can order your books here with a 10% discount starting today. The sales remain open until the 23th of August 23:59. As a first year student you can pick up your books during the faculty introduction or in the first week of the academic year at the room of via (room A0.10). As second or third year student you will receive your books at home or you can choose to pick them up in one of the stores of Athenaeum.
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The summer holidays and new first year students

Yunus Demir 2020-07-19

The summer vacation

First of all, everybody have a nice holiday! I'm sure you've earned it hard and I have no doubt you're very happy with it. Otherwise, we at least we are. Although the peace and quiet of the holiday is nice, drinks are also very nice. That's why we try to catch up on the lost drinks during the summer holidays, or at least for as long as possible. Our beloved bar committee is busy with that every week.
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Summerschool Joint Sigint Cyber Unit (powered by AIVD & MIVD)

Yunus Demir 2020-06-22

For whom?

For anyone with a heart for security: for Die hard Crypto's. Exploiting Wannabees. Reversing Maniacs, Signal lovers & Networking Adepts.


There will be cryptographic puzzles and challenges aimed at finding and exploiting weaknesses in protocols and software. You can indulge yourself if you like reverse engineering or
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Almost Summer - Board Update

Rachel de Haan 2020-06-22

WE HAD DRINKS IN REAL LIFE. Twice already. It was a huge success and it was so nice to see some of you again in real life. I’ve missed you guys.

Now that everything is slowly going back to normal and we are allowed to do more and more, Eva (our lovely chair) and I decided to do something we also could have done when we weren't allowed to go outside: we were going to paint. The plan was as follows: the ugly yellow colour on the walls in our kitchen had to disappear. Two had to turn white and one purple.
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ASML is looking for Interns and Graduates!

Yunus Demir 2020-06-22

ASML offers exciting opportunities for students/graduates with various backgrounds. Are you keen to develop your skills in one of the leading Dutch corporations and gain valuable experience in a highly dynamic environment?

An internship at ASML is your opportunity to get to know the world of cutting-edge technology and get a sense for what excites you most. More information can be found via this link.
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To Dah Loo

Rachel de Haan 2020-06-17

The To Dah Loo is the monthly newsletter that is posted on the doors of the toilets at Science Park 904. It is especially made for UvA Science Students and published by the Faculty of Science in cooperation with the Faculty Student Council.

Eventhough Science Park is closed, which means the toilets are unused, there is still a To Dah Loo for the summer. It is being spread online and can be found here.
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Student discount with Knaek

Rachel de Haan 2020-06-17

Knaek is a student discount app that allows students to save as much money as possible. The Knaek discounts are intended for all students, are unlimited and can be used for one academic year. This way you always get your second burger for free and a discount on sandwiches and beer. So quickly download the Knaekapp. The app is a digital discount card that entitles you to all the discounts listed in it, including those outside your own student city. To use a discount, simply look it up in the app and show it at checkout.
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Going out again? - Board update

Rachel de Haan 2020-06-08

Dear members,

Believe it or not, I actually went out to dinner again. On the way to the restaurant I had a hard time believing it myself, but it really happened. For months I had been looking forward to this moment: good food, nice surroundings and a delicious wine that I hadn't poured for myself. When I entered the restaurant, I had to wash my hands and wait in the hall for someone to bring us to our table. For the menu they had come up with something creative, it was on their website and you had to look it up yourself on your phone. I wish this was also a thing in the days when I still regularly worked in the hospitality industry, cleaning the menus was absolutely not my favorite task. On the other hand, that extra service is of course what you pay for. I mean, what's next? "Because of corona it is also important that you clean your own glasses"?
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Activity overview

  • Tuesday 8 sep 17:00 - 22:00
  • Brainwave
Everything's a little different this year. But in order to assist the master students this year and to get to know each other, the master committee will organise a master integration evening. This way you'll get to know the association and your fellow students. The evening starts at 17:00. It is still planned to take place in the bar of Science Park (the Brainwave). If this is not possible, we will look for an alternative, so the evening will continue in any form whatsoever! We will post more information here by the time more is known from the government, so keep an eye on this page.

Freshmen weekend 2020

in 2 months
  • Fri 25 sep (18:00) - Sun 27 sep (15:00)
  • Ellertsweg 4, Ellertshaar
**This activity will take place according the measures at that moment. For now the activity will take place as described but this may change later on.**

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AI Software Engineer

MIcompany, full-time

With our team of more than 70 young and ambitious professionals we build AI skills & apps at scale for companies such as Nike,, LeasePlan,, eBay and KPN. We do this through two distinctive services.


Digital Assurance Traineeship

PwC, part-time

This challenging job calls for someone with a background in IT or computer science who are keen to work with state-of-the-art technology in the Digital Identity sector. You can combine this part-time job with a study, course or sport.


Working student - Trading Technology Assistant

IMC, part-time

IMC is a leading global market maker, using algorithmic trading and advanced technology to buy and sell securities on multiple trading venues worldwide. We provide liquidity to the financial markets,


Student Employee

MIcompany, part-time

MIcompany is an agency specialized in Big Data Analytics with offices in Amsterdam and Tel Aviv. With our team of more than 50 young and ambitious professionals, we build data analytics capabilities for international blue chip companies. Our goal is to drive sustainable business value using the power data analytics. We achieve this through discovery programs in which we search for opportunities and capture their potential by use case implementation. We make this impact sustainable by building capabilities in the fields of people & organization, models & metrics and data & technology.