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via, short for 'Vereniging Informatiewetenschappen Amsterdam' (Dutch), is the study association for Computer Science, Artificial Intelligence and Information Science at the University of Amsterdam.

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Data & Technology traineeship DNB

Yunus Demir 2020-09-17

**Work together with your fellow trainees and specialists on strengthening your expertise in the field of development, data and security as a Data & Technology trainee at DNB!

At DNB you will work with an impact on financial stability and sustainable prosperity. DNB also has over 600 tonnes of gold in its vault and dozens of terabytes of data: our new gold. This gold has to be mined carefully and that's where you come in. In our Data & Technology traineeship you will be part of various teams in the field of development, data and security. You will work together with other trainees and specialists on various innovations and you will work in an Agile way.
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AI Safety Amsterdam presents: The Problem of AI Alignment

Rachel de Haan 2020-09-14

In his influential textbook on artificial intelligence, Stuart Russell poses the question: 'What if we succeed in creating intelligent systems? How do we retain control over the systems we built and make sure they do exactly what we want?' As AI systems are growing more powerful, resolving this question becomes increasingly important. And yet, it has been highly neglected by the AI research community, compared to making these systems more competent in the first place. In this talk, Rohin Shah from the Center for Human Compatible AI at UC Berkeley will give a short introduction to the problem of aligning powerful AI systems with human values and intentions. This will be followed by a live Q&A and discussions in smaller groups, facilitated by more experienced students.
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The program committee of the bachelor and master AI is looking for new members!

Mund Vetter 2020-09-08

The program committee (OC) of the master and bachelor Artificial Intelligence is looking for new members. The OC is involved in the evaluation and improvement of all courses in the program and the program as a whole. As a member of the OC you would be tasked with evaluating the feedback of courses and discussing them with the other OC members as well as advising on the Teaching and Examination Regulations. More information is available at the website of the program committee. The position requires roughly 2 to 4 hours a week including the monthly meeting. You do not need to be far along in your studies yet. In fact, the perspective of first year and international students is highly appreciated.
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The Dutch Nao Team organizes a live stream in the Robolab.

Rachel de Haan 2020-09-08

What is the team?
The Dutch Nao Team is a group of bachelor and master students focused on programming robots to play football autonomously in yearly competitions such as the Robocup. In 2019 we ended up in the top 9 (of 24) of the standard platform league. Furthermore the Dutch Nao Team performs additional activities like
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To Dah Loo: September

Rachel de Haan 2020-09-03

The To Dah Loo is the monthly newsletter that is posted on the doors of the toilets at Science Park 904. It is especially made for UvA Science Students and published by the Faculty of Science in cooperation with the Faculty Student Council. The online edition from this month can be found here.
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Interview AI Song Contest: "Kill the system, we want revolution"

Mund Vetter 2020-09-02

This interview, written by Robin Wacanno and Mund Vetter, is from Cavia 56 - The Great VIA vacation book. The "Cavia", Dutch for guinea pig, is the magazine of via and is published once a quarter.

The Eurovision Song Contest also fell prey to the coronavirus this year. Fortunately, this loss was compensated in May by the so-called AI Song Contest. In this contest it was the intention that teams from different countries would make a song with the help of AI. Master student Artificial Intelligence and active via member Janne Spijkervet created a song for this contest together with Willie Wartaal, a famous Ducth rapper. How did such a unique collaboration come into existence and how did the process go from idea to end product? We had the opportunity to interview Janne about her participation in the contest.
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Curious in doing a board year?

Merel Atia 2020-08-31

The new college year has just started, which means the board of via is enthusiastic starting the second half of their board year. Of course, this also means the search for members of the next board has started. We do understand if you are not yet sure if a board year is something for you, and exactly that is why this message is already send! The trajectorie of the Bestuursadviescommissie (board advice committee) is designed to help you find out if a board year is something for you. So if your interested, for sure have a look at
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Activity overview


in 1 week
  • Mon 28 sep (9:00) - Fri 2 oct (23:59)
  • Science Park
After the first drinks of the year, we immediately continue with **via** week. This week is packed with accessible activities for everyone, but aimed especially at new **via** members. So whether you fancy a game of flunkyball, a high tea or an ultimate beerpong match-off, come by!
  • Mon 28 sep (11:00) - Fri 2 oct (13:00)
  • de Kelder
In the VIAWEEK the board will be serving a delicious lunch every day! This lunch can be picked up daily in the Kelder (A.010) from 11 till 1 o'clock! Not only will we take care of your hungry stomach, we will also give you the opportunity to get to know the board and your fellow students better while enjoying a nice sandwich!
  • Tuesday 29 sep 18:30 - 21:00
  • Voetbalveld in het Flevopark
This year's **via** week is right around the corner! Of course, the flunkybal tournament can't be missed. Win the title with your team while keeping the appropriate distance. Will you be able to hit the bottle in the middle and chug your beer as quickly as possible? We hope to see you at "Stop that call, let's go Flunkybal!" on *Tuesday 29th of September* at the soccer field in the *[Flevopark]('32.2%22N+4%C2%B057'04.1%22E/@52.35895,4.9505868,123m/data=!3m2!1e3!4b1!4m6!3m5!1s0x0:0x0!7e2!8m2!3d52.35895!4d4.9511337)* at *18:30*!


in 2 weeks
  • Wednesday 30 sep 14:30 - 16:30
  • Maslow Café
A brownie that melts in your mouth, a tasty mini quiche and a warm cup of tea? The high tea is back again! This year, a collection of delicious snacks and all sorts of tea will be served to you in café Maslow. This way you can get away from your webcam for a minute and get the real Science Park feeling.

Do you have an idea for an activity?
Send an e-mail to the Activitycommittee.



AI Software Engineer

MIcompany, full-time

With our team of more than 70 young and ambitious professionals we build AI skills & apps at scale for companies such as Nike,, LeasePlan,, eBay and KPN. We do this through two distinctive services.


Business & Technology consultant (SAP) Internship

Accenture, internship

Accenture helpt internationale klanten om continue bedrijfsprocessen te verbeteren door middel van het implementeren van innovatieve IT-oplossingen. Een belangrijk voorbeeld hiervan is SAP, een van de leiders binnen de bedrijfssoftware.


Working student - Trading Technology Assistant

IMC, part-time

IMC is a leading global market maker, using algorithmic trading and advanced technology to buy and sell securities on multiple trading venues worldwide. We provide liquidity to the financial markets,


Student Employee

MIcompany, part-time

MIcompany is an agency specialized in Big Data Analytics with offices in Amsterdam and Tel Aviv. With our team of more than 50 young and ambitious professionals, we build data analytics capabilities for international blue chip companies. Our goal is to drive sustainable business value using the power data analytics. We achieve this through discovery programs in which we search for opportunities and capture their potential by use case implementation. We make this impact sustainable by building capabilities in the fields of people & organization, models & metrics and data & technology.