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via, short for 'Vereniging Informatiewetenschappen Amsterdam' (Dutch), is the study association for Computer Science, Artificial Intelligence and Information Science at the University of Amsterdam.

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New IIS Elective courses

Gerben Koopman 2021-06-21
Are you still looking for a fun elective, or are you just wondering what courses the IIS is offering? Then read on!

How does the coronavirus pandemic fit into the big picture?
The COVID-19 crisis shows us that plagues are clearly not ‘something from the past', and that infectious disease outbreaks continue to form a global threat. How did the world react to previous pandemics and which lessons can be learned for the future? The highly interdisciplinary course Pandemic tries to answer these questions by bringing together and connecting insights from a wide range of disciplines, from medicine to mathematics, evolutionary biology, various social and behavioural sciences, and more.

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No end of year barbecue

Mick Vermeulen 2021-06-21

Sadly the barbecue committee has decided that this year there will again be no end of year barbecue. Until the very last second we’ve tried to organise an event that would both fit within the current COVID regulations along with the expectations that come with the end of year barbecue but as of now we don’t yet see an opportunity to organise this massive and fun event. Although we are incredibly happy with our virtual event: the spring barbecue, we don’t believe we can transfer the atmosphere and fun of an end of year barbecue in an online event (especially in this heat!). This has led to the decision to yet again cancel the event.

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UvA Together: A New Student Platform

Gerben Koopman 2021-06-07

Are you having trouble studying for your exams or is everything going pretty easy and do you have some spare time to help fellow students? Would you like to go on a walk or drink a cup of coffee together with another student? Then UvA Together is the site for you to meet other students!

UvA Together is a new platform by students, for students. The team hopes to bring students from different studies together. This way it becomes much easier to find a study buddy or a coffee buddy during and after the corona pandemic! They hope to see you soon at their website and on Instagram (@uvatogether).

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Kojac - Summer Campaign

Felix Hoekstra 2021-06-07

It is Kojac’s goal to fill the gap between students and companies. They do this to help you find an interesting (side)job and gain some relevant work experience!

Their main focus within this goal lies with junior developers and data scientists with relevant programming experience. Sign up for Kojac, gain some work experience and earn at least €17,50 per hour!

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No board, your help is needed

Dimitry Grootenboer 2021-06-01

In recent months, many of us have put effort into finding our next board. Yet now, more than ever, we need your help. Last week the candidates had the time to apply. From more than enough interested candidates for a full board, only Felix and I reapplied in the end. That is not enough to form a board and so there is currently no prospect for a board 22.

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New IIS Elective courses

Gerben Koopman 2021-05-27

Do you want to develop the knowledge and skills needed to contribute to the complex challenges facing our society?

Would you like to learn from various experts and across disciplines about topics such as a just city and inclusive digitisation? Every academic year, the Institute for Interdisciplinary Studies offers a range of electives that are open to all UvA students.

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Bit Academy zoekt Tech Coach

Felix Hoekstra 2021-05-25

Would you like to train the programmers of the future 1 day a week in addition to your studies? Not in front of the classroom, but in the classroom.

Are you a software or data expert and can't get enough of inspiring others? Then come and help Bit make the best tech education in the Netherlands. The Bit Academy is looking for students who want to coach or develop education.

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Hour of Education

Gerben Koopman 2021-05-24

On Tuesday May 25th, the hour of education will take place from 3:30 PM to 4:30 PM. This is an hour of appreciation and attention for education, for the successes and setbacks of the past year. Professor of Educational Sciences Monique Volman will give a lecture about the results of her research into the experiences of UvA lecturers with online teaching.

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Activity overview

  • Thursday 16 sep 17:00 - 18:00

After a data science model has been developed and validated, getting business value depends on being able to reliably and securely run the model. Especially in an industry with highly sensitive data, such as the banking industry, it is crucial that the model runs in a secure environment and that the data that runs through it is safe and shielded at all times.

So, how should you go about putting a machine...

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Thesis internship Data Analytics - Consulting

PwC, internship

Would you like to write your master thesis on a complex problem related to one of our clients? We offer you the opportunity to write your thesis within the Data Analytics Consulting team. The Data Analytics Consulting team at PwC is a multidisciplinary team that uses their analytics skills to come up with practical solutions for complex problems within the public, commercial and financial industry. We do this by developing for our clients models, apps, and data driven solutions based on advanced technologies including machine learning, artificial intelligence and cloud solutions.


.NET Developer Zorg-ICT

Chipsoft, full-time

Locatie: Amsterdam
Niveau: HBO / WO

Winc Academy

[Dutch] Docent-assistent

Winc Academy, part-time

Vind jij programmeren het leukste wat er is? Zou je je liefde voor dit vak graag willen delen met zoveel mogelijk mensen? Ben jij op zoek naar een inhoudelijke bijbaan voor naast je studie of juist op zoek naar een startersfunctie met veel vrijheid? Dan is deze flexibele (bij)baan iets voor jou! Bij Winc Academy zijn we op zoek naar een Docent-Assistent ICT (8-40u per week) die ons team wil komen versterken.


Working student - Trading Technology Assistant

IMC, part-time

IMC is a leading global market maker, using algorithmic trading and advanced technology to buy and sell securities on multiple trading venues worldwide. We provide liquidity to the financial markets,