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The Study Programme Committee (OC) is an employee representative body in which students and lecturers consult at the most local level (a study programme or cluster of study programmes) about the quality of the education provided in their study programme(s) and its organisation. In that context, the OC advises on the design of curricula, quality control, and policy-making.

The statutory task of the OC is to advise on the promotion and safeguarding of the quality of education. It actively contributes to educational innovation and educational improvement by putting subjects on the agenda itself. These may relate specifically to the study programme(s) for which the OC has been established, but also to subjects that transcend the study programme. The OC has the right to consent to the programme-specific parts of the Education and Examination Regulations.

The OC consists for one half of students and for the other half of lecturers. Each programme has an OC, possibly together with other programmes.

The programme committees belonging to the studies of via can be found on DataNose. Email addresses can also be found here.

If don't know which email adress to mail to, you can always send an email to onderwijs@svia.nl.