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As a study association, via naturally has close ties with the education departments of the University. This year, Luuk Jonker is responsible for all education-related tasks. You can reach him at onderwijs@svia.nl.

Your opinion about education at the UvA

At via we are very interested in your opinion about education. So mail especially onderwijs@svia.nl if you have any comments, points for improvement or complaints about have a profession or training! You can do this for example if you prefer not to tell yourself at the Sounding board sessions of courses.

Useful for you as a student

Book sales and tutoring

Among other things, the commissioner of education arranges book sales every semester. Just before each semester he takes care of cooperation with our book partner that books can be ordered through svia.nl/boeken. Furthermore, Wouter can link students to tutors. So if you want tutoring you can log in via this page.

Exam database

The exam database is of course also super handy. For most subjects you will find old exams in the exam bench. These have been handed in by members. To put the exam bench in the In order to keep the future relevant, we need your help. You are allowed to take your exam just take it with you if it doesn't explicitly state that you're not allowed to do so. Do that especially! You can even get a reward for working out exams. The conditions for this you can check on this page.

Lecture newsletter

Every fourth and eighth week of the block the lecture newsletter is sent to the lecture list. If you also want to hear more about lectures and when they are, you can sign up for this mailing-list. This can be done on your own account under mail subscriptions, or through this link.

Educational commissions

The Commissioner of Education oversees a number of committees of via that are related to education, like the Education Committee itself. Are you interested in these topics? Then also check he pages of those committees and send them an email!