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Member of merit: David van Erkelens

David was not only an active member of the action, barbecue, bar, board advice, ICT, kelder, lustrum, marketing and travel committees, he was also coordinator of the cavia committee and the kickstart committee. Besides that he is also (co-)founder of the photo and party committees. As if this laundry list of committees weren't enough though, David was the secretary of board 15 and has always been there for the travel committee as treasurer for the Via Excursies en Reizen Foundation. David was also part of the foundation of the Brainwave Foundation, where he subsequently held the position of treasurer on the first board. And many members of via still happily look back at all the EJWs David attended, as he has been there nine times to DJ, chaperone or bartender.

All in all, David is a highly valued member of our association and we are happy to call him a member of merit.

David van Erkelens