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Fore more information about these activities, please read the collaboration document or email partnerhip@svia.nl

About the association

The Amsterdam Association for Information Sciences (VIA) represents students from the Computer Science, Artificial Intelligence and Information Studies disciplines at the University of Amsterdam. All of the programmes are located at the Faculty of Science, also known as Science Park Amsterdam. The UvA has about 2200 students in the information science department, of which around 2000 members of via.

Our goal is to support our members in every facet of their studies. Each year, we organise many activities, varying from conferences to parties, guest lectures to proms, from study trips to in-house days. We work together with all sorts of companies to show our students where their studies can take them.

The programmes we represent

Informatics BSc is the most technical of the three tracks and focuses on software and hardware design. Thorough knowledge of a large variety of programming languages and mathematical techniques, software engineering, data structures, algorithmics, logic etc. are acquired during this programme.

Artificial Intelligence BSc mainly focuses on applying informatics on things like machine learning, language processing and computer vision. The main languages used are Java, Python and Prolog. This track also incorporates logic, robotics, cognitive psychology and various mathematical techniques.

Information Studies BSc forms a bridge between Computer Science/Artificial Intelligence and human society. It does so by combining informatics with other disciplines, such as social sciences, economy and psychology. Students analyse social problems and come up with solutions using information science. Important themes are human-computer interaction, the influence of technology on society and companies and information modelling.

The master tracks linked to these three are Artificial Intelligence MSc, Computer Science MSc, Computational Science MSc, Software Engineering MSc, System and Network Engineering MSc, Logic MSc and Information Science MSc.

Opportunities for promotion

Are you already curious about the possiblities we have for collaborating with our assoication? Take a look at our collaboration document:

Collaboration document

For more information, contact partnership@svia.nl or call (020) 2619 904.