SNiC committee 2024

The conference is organized by a different study association each year. In via's multi-year plan (svia.nl/meerjarenplan) it states that we want to organize it no later than 2025. Therefore, via is going to bid this year for the conference in 2024. For this we are looking for committee members who are interested in organizing a large conference (for 800 people!). This page has more info on what organizing this event entails.

Are you interested? Send an email with your motivation to snic24@svia.nl! At the bottom of the page are a few points to mention in your mail. If you have questions you can also ask them through this mail address. Some people are already very enthusiastic, so join us!

The board of the National Computer Science Conference Foundation (SNiC) consists of board members from various information science student associations. This board decides each year which association gets to host the conference. The associations that want to do this present a bid a year and a half in advance with a committee and theme for the conference they have in mind.

Organizing the conference is a big commitment, as the conference will not take place until November 2024. The committee is working from February 2023 until the conference is completed in 2024. This is something you should think hard about!

Below are the positions described and what you will be doing throughout the year. If you are interested in organizing the conference you can apply for a position.

Time commitment

The conference will take place in November 2024 and the organization will start from March 2023. In February 2023 the committee makes the bid, in this the functions are determined and a theme and direction of the talks are described. In March 2023 the bid is made and SNiC Foundation decides which association will organize the conference in 2024. Then, as a committee, you watch the organizing committee to learn how to organize such a large conference. And the theme is further developed. At the end of 2023, approaching speakers and partners begins. From this point on, everyone performs the duties of their position to set up the big picture of the conference. The month before the conference a lot of time is spent on general matters, such as ticket sales and registering visitors at talks. Every two months there is a central meeting to which committee members also attend.


The committee usually consists of 8 people. The following describes the general filling of the positions.

  • The chair deals with the general organization of the committee, such as scheduling meetings and distributing tasks.
  • The treasurer makes the budget and deals with income and expenses.
  • One or two people look for interesting speakers, who are in line with the theme, and keep in touch with them. They also discuss the content of the talks with the speakers.
  • The head of logistics deals with finding and setting up the venue, transporting visitors to the conference and organizing the volunteers on the day of the conference.
  • One or two people do the external relations. They look for and keep in touch with partners/sponsors of the conference.
  • Sometimes there is also a head-public-relations, who deals with the promotion of the conference.

Are you interested? Send an email to snic24@svia.nl with a motivation and whether you are studying (or maybe already working) at the end of 2024!