Beer & Pizza event - Bit

Loes Gennissen 2019-06-11

Predict when wind turbines break down, build a smart connected supermarket shelf or implement fingerprint login in web apps? At Bit you help companies like Heineken, Philips, UPS and ING with their innovation challenges by building cool prototypes.

Bit has the coolest part time job for you
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A new edition of the PROG-A-THON has begun! During June, we will make new programming puzzles available every week. Starting today, you can find the first set of programming problems here. You can read more about the contest and how you can hand in exercises
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Part time job at BIT student

Loes Gennissen 2019-02-04

Working part time for corporates the like of ING, Heineken, Unilever and UPS and creating cool innovations with the latest tech for them? Learning in a practical way by leading a project yourself? Meet BIT Students. The company where the 50 best IT students of Amsterdam work.

BIT students is a
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Book sales are open

Okke van Eck 2019-01-12

The book sales for the second semester of this year have started! You can order your books here with a 10% discount starting today. The sales remain open until the 28th of januari 23:59. You can pick up your books on the first monday of the new semester at via.