Vote for your Lecturer of the Year

Rachel de Haan
Rachel de Haan 2020-04-06

Good lecturers are key to good teaching. Even in the current circumstances, our lecturers continue to provide good education. That’s why the UvA community wants to honor the lecturer. Which lecturer inspires you? Who do you value for good quality of education? Let it know! All students and staff can vote online for the annual Lecturer of the Year award. You can vote from 6 until 24 April. Which lecturer do you nominate as UvA Lecturer of the Year?
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The text below is Dutch only as it is about choosing a bachelor in times of corona, and our bachelors are Dutch only

Voor ons is het inmiddels verleden tijd, maar voor jou is het misschien wel een heel actueel onderwerp: de studiekeuze. Vanwege het coronavirus zijn helaas alle open dagen vervallen, dus zo’n keuze maken is een stukje ingewikkelder geworden. Gelukkig is een hoop informatie ook via de website van de Universiteit van Amsterdam te vinden! Hieronder staat een kort overzicht van de bachelors in de informatiewetenschappen, waar je informatie kunt vinden en waar je met vragen terecht kunt
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Are you the UvA student who's gonna make a difference?

The Executive Board of the University of Amsterdam is looking for a student assessor for the academic year 2020-2021.

After the Maagdenhuis occupation in 2015, a central student assessor has been appointed. The student assessor attends the meetings of the Executive Board and advises the Board on education and student-related themes. The assessor is in close contact with Central Student Council and other groups in the student community to keep in touch with what is going on among students. The assessor has no role in formal decision-making and therefore has no right of advice or consent.
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The members of via are getting bored in this time of crisis and isolation. No drinks, lectures or endless discussions in the room of our association… So here we present, to keep our loyal members satisfied, The CORONA ANIMATION TEAM! Using this link, you are invited to the Telegram channel where the board will post funny stories, puzzles, challenges, jokes and pictures on a daily basis, to make sure you won’t get bored in the next few weeks!
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Update corona virus

Eva Oostenbrink
Eva Oostenbrink 2020-03-14

Dear members,

Undoubtedly, you have already heard that the University of Amsterdam has decided that all teaching activities on locations are suspended with reference to the new corona virus. The university has decided that all education with physical contact will be suspended until March 31st. In contrast all bachelor and master projects, and other type of internships or projects of research institutes will continue. Logically the university also decided to cancel all activities, including those of study associations, for at least March.
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Cancellation Awesome IT

Nina Wagenaar
Nina Wagenaar 2020-03-13

Due to the measures imposed by the RIVM regarding the Coronavirus, we regret to inform you that Awesome IT 2020 will have to be cancelled. If you've already bought a ticket, please keep an eye out on your mailbox for additional information.

The Awesome IT 2020 Committee

Corona virus

Eva Oostenbrink
Eva Oostenbrink 2020-03-13

Based on recent developments regarding the corona virus, we have decided to cancel all via events at least until April 6th. This also means that there will be no drinks. Furthermore, our association room will not be open. More information can be found on If you have any questions, you can always send a message to the board.
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Member of the month February!

Merel Atia
Merel Atia 2020-03-11

Even in this short month the members of via have been working very hard for their association. The month was filled with amazing activities, drinks and meetings. But as always, there is only one person who could be the member of the month and this February it’s Jop Keuning! Jop is the coordinator of the cooking committee and has cooked two delicious meals for the General Assembly. Besides that, he organised a sushi workshop which turned out to be a great success! Thanks a lot Jop, and keep on cooking!
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Young Shell Student Conference

Yunus Demir
Yunus Demir 2020-03-10

Curious to learn what Shell has to offer you as an energy company, both professionally and socially? Do you want to get a feeling of what challenges we face and how you can help us develop tomorrow’s energy solutions?

Seek no further and join the Young Shell Student Conference!

When: Friday May 15th, 09:00-17:00
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FNWI Teaching Seminar

Rachel de Haan
Rachel de Haan 2020-02-24

Designing your own study programme: Personal curricula in open education

Education is not known for its innovativeness. In the majority of situations, it’s clinging to values despite the fact that these are becoming obsolete by social and technological changes. So, developing students in this ever-changing world is becoming a real challenge. How can we create a system were every learner get’s a personal curriculum with tailored didactics and so creating a situation where every learning gets to the place were he or she belongs?
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