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The via logo consists of an emblem and the via logo. Try to use the emblem + logo together when you can. If this is not possible or if you want to simply use via, you are free to do so. The standard colors for the logo are via-blue and white, but other colors can be more suitable, for example when designing posters.


via-blue black white
Logo + emblem
Christmas logo
Christmas emblem



Besides the well known via logo, the association also has an emblem. The emblem isn't just elegant, it also has multiple meanings. The three crosses don't just represent the beautiful Amsterdam, but also out three studies: Informatics, Artificial Intelligence and Information Science. These three studies are unified by the braces, a nice representation of the work achieved by those studies. It serves as a good addition to the via-logo, but can certainly be used on its own.

If you use the emblem is used in combination with the logo, make sure to use one of the emblems shown above. This guarantees the aspect ratio of the emblem will be correct. The emblem can be used on its own in various colors. The emblem works best in situations where space is limited. The standard colors for the emblem are via-blue and white, but other colors can be more suitable, for example when designing posters.



Via has its own official color, called via-blue. Depending on the purpose, use either RGB/HEX, for posters , or CMYK, for printed matter. Promotion materials like sunglasses, bags or other goodies often have standard colors. These orders should be made in the color "koningsblauw".

CMYK92, 74, 0, 0
RGB48, 75, 163
PMS286 U (uncoated) of 10248 C (coated)

Besides via-blue there is also a matching color palette.

CMYK0, 81, 87, 15
RGB218, 41, 28
PMS2347 U (uncoated) of 485 C (coated)
CMYK0, 25, 78, 5
RGB241, 180, 52
PMS130 U (uncoated) of 715 C (coated)
CMYK0, 43, 81, 4
RGB246, 141, 46
PMS3514 U (uncoated) of 143 C (coated)
CMYK82, 0, 79, 34
RGB31, 168, 36
PMS2424 U (uncoated) of 3529 C (coated)
CMYK0, 79, 34, 32
RGB174, 37, 115
PMS227 U (uncoated) of 675 C (coated)



The via branding font is Source Sans Pro. This font is available in many different styles and has a myriad of different uses. Use this font as much as possible when typing long pieces of text on the website or posters. Try not to use too many different fonts in one place. Two styles of Source Sans Pro and one other font are preferred to three completely different fonts. We recommend the font Jaapokki!



LaTeX templates for letters and meeting documents have been created in the style of via. You can download them here if you are logged in. You can use these templates for e.g. GA documents or meetings. The templates can be imported directly into Overleaf. You can import the downloaded zip file into Overleaf by clicking New Project, then Upload project.



Via Uses two styles of posters, for lectures and for other activities. The first has a standard template, the second has less rules.



To make sure lectures are recognizable and people know where to find the right information, we use a standard format. That does not mean that the poster has to be boring! Try to use fancy colors and interesting background, but make sure that the text is still readable. Use light text colors on a dark background and vice versa. If the background image is very crowded, you can add a subtle shadow to the text elements to make them more readable. Only do this when it actually improves the readability. A similar template is available for slides.

Poster Slide


Other activities

You have a lot of freedom when creating a poster for other activities. There are only two small rules. Include a small rectangle with the committee name at the bottom of the poster and always include the logo and emblem. The committee rectangle can be omitted for big events like AwesomeIT or the gala. The logo should be in the centre of the page, or the upper left or right corner. We recommend using Source Sans Pro for long pieces of text. We also recommend using a limited number of fonts. Some events have slides in the style of the poster. The rules above are also relevant for those slides. Use the images below as inspiration!

Example 1 Example 2


Look at the wiki for all clothing guidelines.