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Student Council FNWI

The Student Council stands for the interests of all students at the FNWI. They try to ensure that education on the faculty has the highest quality as possible and that the preconditions for that quality are present. The counsil advises the faculty board on matters like exam retake possibilities and elective courses, but also on computer facilities and catering. The counsil also reviews the 'Onderwijs-en Examenregelingen' (OER), in which the rights of students are determined. This is a great responsibility, because it directly influences the content and form of your education

The Student Council of the FNWI of '22-'23 consists of the following members:

  • Stan Fris Chair
  • Amber Cornelissen Secretary
  • Liang TelkampVice-chair
  • Daniella Dhingra Treasurer
  • Chris De Hart
  • Melanie Kool
  • Damian Piersma
  • Rabia Demir
  • Daniel López Méndez
  • Winson Ooi
  • Jessica Bakker
  • Kasper Mooijaart

For more information about the Student Council FNWI, take a look at the website (Dutch!).