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Student Council FNWI

The Faculty Student Council (Dutch: Facultaire Studentenraad (FSR)) stands for the interests of all students at the Faculty of Science (FNWI). Not only does the FSR aim for a high quality of education at the FNWI, the FSR also checks if all prerequisites for this can be met. The FSR advises the faculty board on matters related to examinations, such as exam retake possibilities and elective courses, but also on computer facilities and catering. It is up to the FSR to approve the 'Teaching and Examination Regulations' (TER, or OER in Dutch) document for each academic year, for every study programme at the FNWI, in which the rights of students are determined. This is a great responsibility, because it directly influences the content and form of your education.

For more information about the Student Council FNWI, take a look at the website (Dutch!).