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The confidential advisers (CA) at via are there for members, as a point of contact for tinappropiate behavior within via. The CAs work independently and confidentially. Furthermore, the CA is independent, and therefore is not a member of the board. Besides the board, a CA is the first point of contact for anyone who has comments, questions or signals regarding inappropiate behavior and other integrity violations or wants to have a conversation about a situation. The CA is available to victims, the accused and others involved. They do not have to be members of the association, provided they are involved with the association in some way. Furthermore, the CA is not responsible for proper follow-up actions around signals. The CA handles information confidentially, and will therefore not share information with others, unless this is necessary for proper follow-up of the signal. This may include, for example, the police. A CA is emphatically not a formal reporting point or complaints handling point. If follow-up from the association is desired, the person must make a report to the board of the association.

For more information about confidentiality and more, check out this document.

Dionne Gantzert (dionnegantzert@gmail.com)

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You can contact Dionne if you have experienced or seen something unpleasant, feel unsafe (during an activity) or just need to get something off your chest? Dionne is an active member at via and present at many through activities. You can send her an email, or speak to her in the Kelder or at an activity. Dionne attended an abbreviated version of a confidential advisor training. Here she learned how to act and what is expected of a confidential advisor.

Pim Meulensteen (pimmeulensteen@gmail.com)

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Hi, my name is Pim. I've been running around via and at UvA for a while now, and I hope your study time will be as fun is mine. I did the double bachelor in Mathematics & Computer Science, and after a board year at via started the master(s) in Forensic Science and Data Science. You can reach me by email at pimmeulensteen@gmail.com, telegram @PimMeulensteen or of course talk to me when you see me at Science Park.