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Turbo Gaming Tournament
Mon 4 jan (20:00) - Fri 12 mar (22:00) still 2 months

Who is the best gamer of via? To answer this question for good, the Kickstart Committee is organising a ten-week game tournament starting on the 4th of January. Games like Minecraft and League of Legends, but also JackBox and Pictionary will be played during this event! Every week a different game will be played and you and your opponent will have to compete against each on a moment you choose yourself. Of course all scores will be combined on one scoreboard. After ten weeks it will be clear who is via's best gamer in all areas! Sign up right away, and who knows, you might even take home that first prize!

Free - Discord

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D&D week
Fri 15 jan (19:00) - Fri 22 jan (23:59) still 3 days

It's here again, the gaming committee is organising a D&D week!

In D&D, better known as Dungeons & Dragons, you make a fantasy-character and are led through and adventure by your Dungeon Master, where you characters are the heroes. In the D&D week we will play a one-shot somewhere during this week; a story from beginning to end in one night. You don't need any experience, your Dungeon Master will make sure you can join!

Price: € 0.00 - Discord

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Lecture Harvest: Docker in a practical case
Thursday 21 jan 17:00 - 18:00 in 1 day

On Thursday, January 21, Marinus Geuze (CTO) will take you into the world of Docker on the basis of a practical case. Central to this is the development of a customer portal at one of our customers. We will explain what role Docker plays in the realization of this portal and why and which implementation choices have been made. What have we encountered in practice and what are the do's and don'ts?

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Chess tournament
Thursday 28 jan 15:00 - 16:00 in 1 week

Are you smothering kings since your fourth and do you know the correct refutation of the Fried liver attack? Or have you just seen and therefore would you like to move your white pawn harmoniously to d4?

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Board Change General Assembly
Monday 1 feb 18:30 - 23:00 in 2 weeks

There will be a General Assembly regarding the appointment of the new board on Monday February 1st. The candidate board is in the middle of their training period and the first steps towards a new policy plan are being made. The time is coming for board 20 to pass the baton to board 21! At this General Assembly, board 20 will give their advice on the candidate board and there will be a vote about appointing the new board. Furthermore board 20 will present their annual report and budget report. The audit committee will give feedback on the budget report. There will also be a vote about discharging board 20 and the audit committee and there will be a vote to appoint a new audit committee.

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Dutch Pubquiz for Firstyear Student
Thursday 4 feb 19:00 - 21:00 in 2 weeks

Are you a real brainiac? A walking encyclopedia? Or just a huge pizzafan? Then you should sign up for the Firstyear Pizza-Pubquiz by the Kickstartcommittee!

Thursday February 4th we will kick off with a super fun online pubquiz! Together in groups of 4 or 5 students you can join the pubquiz for first years. Join the battle against other teams and who knows you will emerge victorious with a fantastic prize at the end of the journey.

Free - Zoom & Discord

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Sat 6 feb (10:00) - Sun 7 feb (18:00) in 2 weeks

FOSDEM is the Open-Source-conference in Brussels where a wide range of talks and events are offered, and it is completely free! Due to corona, there will be no more than 500 speakers this year, but there are still plenty of talks to follow via the livestream. Entry is still free, and since we don't have to organize a trip, the whole event is free! The list of talks can be found on .

Price: € 0.00 -

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[CANCELLED] Freshmen weekend 2020
Fri 26 feb (18:00) - Sun 28 feb (15:00) in 1 month

Are you new to your studies and would you like to get to know your fellow students? That's possible! Every year, via organises the glorious freshmen weekend, where you and other students will experience the weekend of your life.

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Lecture ING
Thursday 11 mar 17:00 - 18:00 in 2 months

More information will be here, end of January at the latest

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