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Lichte borrel because it is examweek borrel!
Thursday 30 may 17:00 - 21:30 in 3 days

Have you also been studying so hard for all those exams this week? Do you want to relax before you take your last exam on Friday? Or are you free on Friday and want to celebrate the end of the exam week? No matter how exhausted you are: come to the end of exam week together on Thursday. We are looking forward to it!

Gratis - Brainwave

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Free lunch
Monday 3 jun 12:00 - 14:00 in 1 week

It's the first study day of the block again, so that means that via is setting up a nice lunch buffet where everyone can get food and drinks. Leave the sandwiches at home and join us with your via friends! Don't forget to bring your own cup for the drinks, or buy your via cup at the Kelder!

Free - De Kelder in LAB42

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Monday 3 jun 18:00 - 22:00 in 1 week

The end of the academic year is in sight, and that means a new sollicitation committee (SoCo) has to be elected and a start will be made on drafting the new advisory list. Therefore, the SoCo GA will take place on Monday 3 June! During this GA, people interested in joining the SoCo can come forward and a vote will be taken on who will join in on the committees. Also, people who are interested can indicate that they want to be on the advisory list. 

The financial statements of Board 24 will also be presented at this GA. Finally, the Supervisory Board's pilot is over, and they will present their ...

Free - L1.01

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Magic the Gathering Draft: Outlaws of Thunder Junction
Tuesday 4 jun 17:00 - 21:30 in 1 week

The bigger the vault, the better the payoff! Enter the domain of Magic: the Gathering's Thunder Junction and help Oko's crew to pull off the greatest heist of their lives. Or alternatively stop the wild west outlaws before they get away with the treasure.

The gaming committee is organizing another Magic the Gathering draft! First we will make decks with new boosterpacks (included with the entry fee) and afterwards we will use these decks in a small tournament. Do you have questions about Magic, or have you never played before? Send an email to for help. We can also help you on the ...

€12,50 - L1.14

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Tosti Builders
Wednesday 5 jun 17:00 - 19:00 in 1 week

Do you also think tostis are the best food? 🥪 Do you love experimenting? Sign up for the Tosti Builders activity! In teams of two, you will build master tostis. You can sign up with a friend, or you can sign up alone, in which case we will sort you into teams. There will by some mystery ✨ ingredients to keep things interesting, and the best tosti according to the jury will receive a price!

2,50 - LAB42

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Thursday 6 jun 17:00 - 21:30 in 1 week

Vamos a la playa! It's going to be a lovely sunny, and hopefully not too sandy, get-together: the Beachborrel🏖️ is here! Today we are enjoying the beautiful sunshine and already thinking about all the white beaches on which we'll be going to lie on🏝️ this summer. Imagine the cold drink in your hand is a coconut🥥 and arrive with your swimsuit and towel at this weekly drinks on June 6! We hope to see you there soon🌊

Free - Buiten

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Minecraft Tournament
Fri 7 jun (17:00) - Sun 9 jun (18:00) in 2 weeks

It's time to prove that we at via are better at minecraft than our sister associations! Compete against our counterparts from Groningen and Twente in three categories: there will be a creative building competition, a pvp tournament, and an anarchy server, where after time for preparation, this will be where the final battle between the associations will be held! There will be a prize to give out to the winning association for each category. Make sure you'll be there and join the discord now!

Free - online

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Hitchhikingweekend 2024 🛗
Sat 8 jun (10:00) - Sun 9 jun (17:00) in 2 weeks

❓ Do you fancy an adventurous and fun weekend away? ❓

Then the hitchhiking weekend is perfect for you! We will gather on Saturday morning 8 June at Science Park, after which the location will be announced where you will hitchhike to in pairs! So until then, it is still a surprise where you will go, which makes it extra exciting who will win! 🤔

The duo that arrives at the destination first gets to call themselves the winner of the hitchhiking weekend, and gets a nice prize from the committee. Then we'll wait for the rest of the duos to arrive, and explore the city's nightlife in the evening! 🕺🍻 ...

Price: € 30.00 - Waspik

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IT Career Night YER
Monday 10 jun 17:30 - 21:00 in 2 weeks

Unfortunatly, this event is only suited for Dutch speaking students

Zoveel vacatures om door heen te zoeken... wat past er bij mij wat niet? Daar heb je toch geen zin in?! Snap ik! Daarom gaat via een samenwerking met YER aan om 10 juni een IT Career Night te organiseren waarin jij als afstudeerder erachter kan komen welke opties jij hebt als beginnende IT'er. Starten bij YER betekent namelijk dat jij je aansluit bij een netwerk van meer dan 800 bedrijven. Op basis van jouw behoeften, kwaliteiten & talenten gaan zij op zoek naar een juiste match tussen jou en bedrijf, denk aan startersopties ...

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Wie is de Mol?
Tue 11 jun (18:00) - Sat 15 jun (18:00) in 2 weeks

This activity will be held in dutch

In June, the new edition of our own Who is the Mole? activity will take place, organized by the Mole Committee.

Ten candidates will play assignments, collect points and answer test questions, all to find the answer to that one question.

Would you like to participate in this game? To unmask the mole, or just to make things difficult for the candidates? Then quickly sign up!

The 2024 edition will take place on the evening of Tuesday, June 11, starting at 6 p.m., and on Saturday, June 15. Lunch and dinner are included.

Price: € 15.00 - Science Park, Amsterdam

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Parents' evening
Wednesday 12 jun 17:00 - 21:30 in 2 weeks

Do your parents miss studying? Have they always wanted to see Science Park? Do they want to learn how to program? Then this is the opportunity! Bring them to the parent evening organized by via on Wednesday, June 12. Here your parents will get to know via, follow a lecture, get a tour of Science Park and learn how to program in Scratch. We will also provide a delicious dinner and end the evening with a pub quiz in the Brainwave! Sign up quickly and show your parents how cool studying is! You have to reserve a ticket for every person attending (including yourself).

Bring a laptop for the Scratch ...

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Lecture Devoteam
Thursday 13 jun 17:00 - 18:00 in 2 weeks

> Please note there is limited space at this lecture, which is why only the first 100 people are allowed in!

Are you interested in Data or IT Infrastructure? Then join us for a session on the intersection of Data Engineering and DevOps! This TechTalk features three senior consultants from Devoteam. They'll share firsthand experiences and insights into data management and infrastructure automation. No fancy business buzzwords, just real-world knowledge you can use in your (future) career. The TechTalk includes an engaging quiz at the end to test your Data & DevOps knowledge (with ...

Free - Science Park 904, C0.05

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Life After Graduation
Tuesday 18 jun 16:55 - 20:00 in 3 weeks

The end of this academic year is approaching quickly, and the big question is: what will you do next? Are you still undecided about whether to pursue an academic career or enter the corporate world? Or do you have a brilliant idea for a startup and are considering that exciting path? Or are you simply curious about what possibilities lie ahead? Then Life After Graduation is the perfect event for you.

On Tuesday, June 18th, the fifth edition of Life After Graduation will take place in our beautiful Lab42. Various inspiring speakers, including PhD students, startup representatives, and companies, ...

Price: € 0.00 - Lab 42, Main Hall