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Lichte borrel because it is exam week drinks!
Thursday 30 mar 17:00 - 21:30 in 4 days

Are you already studying so hard for the exams this week? Do you also want to relax before you have to take your last exam on Friday? Or are you free on Friday and you want to celebrate the end of the exam week? No matter how scrapped you are: Come to the Brainwave on Thursday to celebrate the end of the exam week. We are excited and hope to see you!

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Lecture PRDCT
Thursday 6 apr 17:00 - 18:00 in 2 weeks

Why data projects are doomed to fail

Data is worthless without context. Capturing and interpreting context is essential in every data driven project, but this interpretation is often dynamic. The use of misinterpreted or out-of-context data is a common source of failure in these projects: there is no single version of the truth in data, so how do we determine which context to use for which application?

Even when you have determined the best way to use and interpret your data, there is no way to ensure that this remains true. In fact, with the dynamic nature of data in enterprises and projects, ...

Free - C0.05

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Committee market / Drinks
Thursday 6 apr 18:00 - 22:00 in 2 weeks

Always been curious about the fun activities happening at via, and who makes it happen behind the scenes? Do you secretly want to organize something as well, but are you not sure what, how or with whom? Come to the committee market where our committees will present themselves. Talk to members of the committees, take a look around their stalls to see what kind of events they organize, and participate in their mini activities!

P.S. In addition to the committee market, there is - like every other Thursday - also room for drinks.

Free - Brainwave

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Dungeons and Dragons: one-shot night
Tuesday 11 apr 17:00 - 21:30 in 2 weeks

Dungeons and Dragons (D&D / DnD) is a game that has been around since the 1970s. In the game, you take the role of another, imaginary character. Together with the others in your group, you go on an adventure with your character. You live out that adventure under the guidance of the game leader, or Dungeon Master (DM). How the story ends is determined by dice. Each time you - or rather your character - try to do something, for example attack a dragon with a hammer, you roll a die. The Dungeon Master determines whether your character succeeds in what he or she is trying to do. In short, ...

Free - TBA

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Amusement Park Day: Walibi Holland
Wednesday 12 apr 10:00 - 17:00 in 2 weeks

Whether you love high speeds, sharp turns, loops or corkscrews, Walibi Holland has something for you! The roller coasters in the park are world-class, like the famous Goliath, Lost Gravity, and the newest addition: UNTAMED. Walibi is a great destination for adventure seekers, adrenaline junkies and anyone looking for an unforgettable experience! So what are you waiting for? Come to Walibi and make memories you'll never forget!

Price: € 15.00 - Walibi Holland

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VIA-WEEKEND: Arme stakkers en brakke kakkers!
Fri 14 apr (17:00) - Sun 16 apr (15:00) in 3 weeks

Are you a poor or a hungover wretch? Find out at VIA-WEEKEND 2023 from 14 to 16 April in the south of the Netherlands. Poor and/or have a hangover? No problem, because for 40 euros you will get unlimited drinks, food and a comfortable place to sleep. Make sure you get your ticket for this grandiose weekend you don't want to miss!

Are you a poor wretch this month and don't mind helping with cooking during the weekend, then buy a crew ticket.

Please note: transport must be arranged by yourself.

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Lecture DRW
Thursday 20 apr 17:00 - 18:00 in 4 weeks

Did you know that light travels 30 centimeters in a vacuum in 1 nanosecond, but only 20 centimeters through an optical thread? Do you know why this is important for high frequency trading? What do you think is the fastest way of electronic communication? Optical thread? Almost never. Copper wire? Sometimes. Microwave radio? Often. But can we go even faster? Can we actually measure reliably how fast we actually are?

Why do companies use C++ for their software? What are the differences between theory and practice in reducing latency? How long do standard actions take on a modern computer?

Come to ...

Free - C0.05

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Study trip 2023: Athens
Tue 2 may (10:00) - Mon 8 may (17:00) in 1 month

Legendary results from the past aren't always a guarantee for the future, but we still know for sure that this study trip is going to be an absolute success once again! Fly to Athens with us on May 2nd 2023! In this beautiful ancient city, we will do all sorts of things. For instance, we will visit the local university and ICT companies. We will also do a lot of non-educational things, like sightseeing and having a some drinks. For only €389, you can join us on this amazing adventure. You do not want to miss this!

We will depart on Tuesday May 2nd and fly back on Monday May 8th. Please note! This ...

Price: € 389.00 - Athens

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Awesome IT 2023
Friday 12 may 9:30 - 18:00 in 2 months

Awesome IT will finally take place on location this year! On Friday, May 12 to be precise, in LAB42 on Science Park. It promises to be an interesting day with great speakers. As a Bachelor's student, you can earn two colloquium points. More information follows soon. You can buy your tickets on the Awesome IT website starting March 16, 12 pm. Keep an eye on that site for updates about speakers, companies and more as well.

Price: € 5.00 - LAB42

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Tuesday 23 may 17:00 - 21:00 in 2 months

It is time for the yearly LAN-party! So pick up your laptop and go to battle against your fellow students against the members of the other associations at Science Park. There will be plenty of games, barkeepers, consoles, et cetera. There will also be a tournament where we will decide which association is the best at gaming and wins the trophy. The day is may 23rd, the battlefield is the brainwave. It doesn't matter if you're a MLG-pro or a n00b, everyone is welcome. Bonus tip: bring your laptop. Be there or be square!

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Color Obstacle Rush
Saturday 27 may 11:00 - 23:59 in 2 months

Are you ready to experience the most colorful and exciting 5 kilometers of your life on May 27th at the 'Color Obstacle Rush' in Zandvoort! This event is not just a race, it's a unique and fun experience that you will never forget. You'll have to navigate through various colorful obstacles while getting splattered with colorful powder dyes that will turn your outfit into a vibrant work of art. The 'Color Obstacle Rush' is suitable for all levels, from novice runners to experienced athletes. So whether you're training for your first 5k or just looking for a fun challenge with friends, this event ...

Price: € 25.00 - Circuit Zandvoort

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Hitchhiking weekend 2023
Sat 10 jun (10:00) - Sun 11 jun (21:00) in 3 months

Are you looking for a unique and adventurous weekend getaway? Then come along on the hitchhiking weekend! During this weekend, we will hitchhike together to a cool location, where we will spend the night and explore the nightlife!

On Saturday morning we will gather at a designated location and from there, the adventure begins! The destination will be revealed on the day itself.

Once we arrive at our destination, we will first explore the surroundings and get ready for an awesome pub crawl! Here, you will get the first few beers from us!

On Sunday morning, there is still time to wake up peacefully ...

€30-€35 - Secret