LAB42 (ASP942)

LAB42 (previous working name: ASP942) is the name of the new building that will be built at the Science Park. On this page you can find all the information that's available about the new building.


Design/layout (ground plan): PDF

Interior design: PDF

Plan and layout via-room: PDF

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Apart from events and information about meetings there's a few general affairs that are fixed.

Plan via-room

Because of the new layout since a previous version, we acquired more space; 40,5m² and 5m² of storage!


Interior and color palette

For the new interior, the focus particularly lies on tranquility and the usage of green and nature. Much of the color is focused on calming colors, such as beige, green and light blue. The building itself should mostly radiate calmness. The presentation and more information about the palette can be found here.

A fully equipped room will be produced that will take into account via's color palette, for instance via-blue accenting of the interior. Below is a plan showing its layout.


Additionally, based on input from the board, a shelf closet was designed by the interior architect for the new room. Below you can find the closet's design.



Thursday October 8th 2020
A presentation was held about the communication-strategy for LAB42. Three different options were presented, with different logo's, posters and elements in and around the building. Attendees' opinions were asked and everyone's preference could be expressed. Later there's been mail-communication that asked for opinions of other students about the different options. These students asked around in a few group chats. Everyone's input showed a clear preference for similar options, which was then communicated. In the end this is the version that will be presented to the CvB.

Monday September 14th 2020

Since some time, a date was picked for the festive opening of the construction of LAB42. After the brainstorm for this earlier in the year, covid somewhat threw a spanner in the works. Because of this, it was decided that the opening will be online, with a few invitees on site, one of which being via's chairman. On October 9th, from 10 am until noon, the opening will take place. Further details about the final event proceedings is not yet known to us.

Friday April 24th 2020

Contact has been sought out about LAB42 because of covid and the current circumstances. In response to a previous meeting, a positioning stance and company story has been thought up to release for LAB42. This mostly relates to what is to be communicated to the media and the the composition of a certain "statement" regarding this; what should be radiated out.

Because of the coronavirus there is some delay in the start of the construction of the new building. Activities surrounding covid take up much time and the phase of searching for a contractor drags on longer than expected. The hope is that everything will calm down soon so more time can be put into this.

Tuesday February 27th 2020

This past Tuesday an alert about the construction of LAB42 was sent by the UvA. This included a rough planning of the construction. The idea is that from June 1st the exterior cannot be used for events anymore. For more information, this page can be viewed.

Tuesday February 4th 2020

On December 4th a brainstorm has taken place regarding the first pillar of the new building. This included thinking about the event surrounding placing the first pillar in front of the new building. This took place together with someone who was hired for the profiling of the new building and "the branding" and a few UvA employees. In this talk, a lot of ideas were suggested and it was discussed what the possibilities are. The perspective of different stakeholders was considered, for example businesses and employees that will also be located in this building. A few times, the idea of a promotional video was brought up, the use of VR and the possibility of having different speakers at the event.

A few follow-up actions came out of the brainstorm:

  • The budget will be determined, since this wasn't made clear before
  • A planning will be made with the most important date being the start of the construction, and with that the placing of the first pillar. It is estimated this will take place at the end of the academic year (around June) or in the beginning of the new academic year (the beginning of September). This depends on when the building pieces will be delivered.
  • Different work groups and responsibilities will be compiled and established.

Thursday December 12th 2019

After a lot of asking, many mails and reminders we finally received confirmation that there will be a sink/water point in the new Cellar (Kelder)! This is a good development, mostly looking to the future, when disposable items will be less and less used.

Tuesday September 24th 2019

On September 24th we spoke with the FNWI's building management and the project manager of LAB42's interior about the layout of the new Cellar (Kelder). We will receive a fully furnished room because the interior architects prefer to produce a fully furnished building. They will take into account our wishes and even want to incorporate out via-blue into the interior. The complete design of the new Cellar (Kelder) can be found here.

Tuesday July 23rd 2019

On July 10th a presentation of the previous interior design took place by Studio Groen + Schild, the interior designer of LAB42. You can find the presentation they gave here.

Tuesday June 25th 2019

Recently there's been a few work groups about the layout of the new building (where your favorite board was present, of course!). One of those was about the "Look & Feel" of LAB42, which was also the subject of a survey that had been spread around the students and employees. In the PDF you can find here, the results can be viewed. Also, a work group called "Studying & Learning" was held, of which the results can be found here.

Tuesday May 28th 2019

The UvA is curious about the opinion of the students regarding the layout of the new building, which will be finished in 2022. For this, they composed a short questionnaire. Filling it in only takes 10 minutes and gives you a voice in the design of the new building. You can find the questionnaire (deadline June 7th) here.

Monday May 16th 2019

Today another presentation was given about the new building, see the included presentation. Here the name of the new building was unveiled, which is LAB42. Especially later in the presentation there is interesting information, including the plan (on which via's association's room is quite large!), and there are a few slides that are useless without context. Additionally, a 3D tour of the new building can be found here.

Monday February 18th 2019

A section of the board attended a presentation of the provisional design by ASP942 today. With this a plan was shown which will also be presented in the central hall of Science Park 904. This plan can also be found here, for reference.

Wednesday October 31st 2018

The UvA publishes an official news letter about the new building. Among other things, this included the announcement of the architect, which is Benthem Crouwel. The news letter can be found here.

Thrusday October 11th 2018

This was the last meeting for the catering work group. The plan of demands has been drawn up which includes that there will be two drinking spaces. One of them will be located near the businesses. This one is more posh in relation to the other one, which will be located near the central catering spot. This is where study associations can organise drinks for graduation ceremonies but also smaller-scale events. With via we won't be able to hold out first drinks here, but later in the year we'll be able to gravitate towards this location.

Cormet will also be located in the new building. The idea is that the catering in this building will be an addition to the current building. They do want to keep the catering open longer so that students feel invited to stay on Science Park longer.

Thursday September 20th 2018

The work group for the catering in the new building was started in September. The first meeting was on September 20th. Here it was announced that 250m² is dealt to the catering. This space is for a coffee-corner, canteen, drinking spaces and pantries (kitchen block with warm and cold drinking water, coffee machine, towel machine, soap dispenser, trashbin with lid, fridge, storage cabinet, dishwasher and microwave). In this meeting it was expressed that both students as well as businesses/institutions want a space where they can have drinks.

September and October 2018

In these months the last two meetings of the work groups took place. In them, a few small changes were made to the plan of demands and using a lot of photographs of other buildings it was determined what the ambiance and appearance of the new building will be.

July and August 2018

In July the meetings of the work groups took place. In these meetings it was discussed what kind of spaces should be located near each other, how much space goes where and what should fill it up (up until a certain point, this doesn't include furniture for example). In these work groups, via expressed the desire for a new, larger room in the new building, with as reasons that via has grown out of the current association room and that via, as the study association of the information-sciences, should be located inside the new information-sciences building. As a result of the work groups, a plan of demands was conceived and approved by the management team of the FNWI. In this plan is included a new association-room of 36m² and 5m² of storage room, and the additional demand that the room is located nearby the central entrance area and there are enough ventilation possibilities.

June 25th 2018

The preparations for the construction of ASP942 are starting. The first step is the compilation of the Plan of Demands for the new building. This is being done by a few different work groups. On this day, the first plenary meeting with the members of all the work groups took place. From via, board members joined the work groups for Education/study-spaces and that of Co-creation. The work groups are lead by employees from ICS Advisors, a consultancy firm for social housing.

May 29th 2018

The Executive Board approves the project proposition for the development of ASP942.

March 12th 2018

The dean, Peter van Tienderen, announces the new building with the working title ASP942 to the study associations, the Faculty Student Council and the OR. The motivation for the new building is that SP904 has become too small for all the new students, personnel, PhD students and new collaborators. The new building will be focused on the information sciences, especially Artificial Intelligence (AI).

Also the township has decided on a subsidy of 4 million for the developments.