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You can become a member of via if you're enrolled in one of the following study programmes:

  • bachelor Informatica;
  • bachelor Informatiekunde;
  • bachelor Kunstmatige Intelligentie;
  • bachelor Bèta-gamma with a major one of the bachelors above;
  • bachelor Future Planet Studies with a major one of the bachelors above;
  • master Artificial Intelligence;
  • master Computational Science;
  • master Forensic Science;
  • master Computer Science;
  • master Information Studies;
  • master Logic;
  • master Software Engineering;
  • master Security and Network Engineering;
  • minor Programmeren;
  • minor Kunstmatige Intelligentie;
  • minor Logic and Computation;
  • minor Information Systems;
  • minor Computational Science;
  • track Bioinformatics van de master Bioinformatics and Systems Biology;

A membership for Bachelor students costs € 20,00 (a one time payment) and lasts for the entire duration of your studies. Master students can become members for free.

For pre-master students the membership is also free, if the master that follows the pre-master is one of our masters.

In order to become a member, you first create an account using your UvA account. Then, you'll need to pay for your membership with iDeal through the site, if needed. The membership of master's students is automatically confirmed.

It's also possible to complete the payment in our association room (Science Park 900, room L0.04) with using a debit card. You can ask anyone in the room to help you. Or you can contact the board by e-mail if you need any help.

Friend of via

If you are not enrolled in any of the above courses, it is possible to become a friend of via. In that case you are a favourer. This means that, just like the members, you can receive the newsletter and our association magazine, buy food and drinks from the association room and attend our activities. Interested in becoming a favourer? Send an email to the board to find out more information. Becoming a favourer costs €15 (a one time payment).