You can become a member of via if you're enrolled in one of the following study programmes:

  • bachelor Informatica;
  • bachelor Informatiekunde;
  • bachelor Kunstmatige Intelligentie;
  • bachelor B├Ęta-gamma with a major one of the bachelors above;
  • bachelor Future Planet Studies with a major one of the bachelors above;
  • master Artificial Intelligence;
  • master Computational Science;
  • master Forensic Science;
  • master Computer Science;
  • master Information Studies;
  • master Logic;
  • master Software Engineering;
  • master Security and Network Engineering;
  • minor Programmeren;
  • minor Kunstmatige Intelligentie;
  • minor Logic and Computation;
  • minor Information Systems;
  • minor Computational Science;
  • track Bioinformatics van de master Bioinformatics and Systems Biology;

A membership for Bachelor students costs 20,- euro's and lasts for the entire duration of your studies. Master students can become members for free.

For pre-master students the membership is also free, if the master that follows the pre-master is one of our masters.

In order to become a member, you'll need to take two steps: first, create an account on the via website. Then, you'll need to pay for (or confirm if you're enrolled in a Master's) your membership. You can do so using the following methods:

  • Buy your membership during the book sales. There's a membership option along with the books.
  • Pay by cash or by card in the via common room located at Science Park 904, room A0.10.
  • Contact the board by e-mail to transfer the membership fee.

If you have any questions, feel free to e-mail the board.