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Betabreak: Expedition to Mars

Nienke Duetz
Nienke Duetz
Published at: 11-06-2018

A colony of one million people living on the red planet Mars: although this idea sounds preposterous, it is the wish of SpaceX CEO and the greatest innovator of the 21st century, Elon Musk. SpaceX is causing a rapid decrease in the costs of space flight by making use of reusable rockets and Elon’s plans to put a man on mars within the coming decades seem less farfetched every day. It needs to be mentioned however that these plans have also received a lot of criticism from experts, calling them a show of inflated confidence and that a lot more work is needed before Elon Musk’s dreams come to reality.

But how close are we really to reaching the next stage of human colonization? This will be the topic of this month’s BètaBreak on the 20th of June. We will discuss how close we actually are to discovering the modern day America, what is actually needed to reach Mars and to live there, and how it will influence human society if this actually happens. Come join us on the 20th of June to find out during the last BètaBreak of the year!