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Members for commissary acquisition!

Merlijne Reeuwijk
Merlijne Reeuwijk
Published at: 05-12-2023
Last modified at: 19-12-2023

Hi dear members,

As you may already know, no commissioner acquisition was established last GM for the candidate board. This means that we are currently without a future commissioner acquisition, which is a very bad thing. Now we are working hard to find a solution in the form of a commissioner position. Would you like to learn more about (cooperating with) companies, negotiating, socializing and other money matters, or do you think you can do this already and would you like to contribute to the association? Then send an email to acquisitie@svia.nl!

Are you short on time, but do you have good ideas on how to fill it? Then you can always send an email to acquisitie@svia.nl!