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Extensive Kelder cleaning

Floor van de Leur
Floor van de Leur
Published at: 28-08-2021
Last modified at: 30-08-2021

Yesterday the candidate board tidied and cleaned the Kelder! Since the Kelder had not been used in months, dust had piled up everywhere, so the cleaning session was very necessary. For our new members: the Kelder (Dutch for the basement) is viaโ€™s association room and is located in building A on the ground floor. You might be wondering now why the room is called the Kelder. That is not, as someone recently suggested on Instagram, because IT people donโ€™t like daylight and rather work in the dark, but rather because in the past our association room was located in a building on the Roeterseiland campus, in the basement. The current name thus is a relic from the early years of via!

As soon as the COVID regulations allow for it, we would like to welcome you all to the Kelder for a chat, a board game or a drink. Unfortunately, it is currently not yet possible for members to sit in the Kelder โ€“ but feel free to drop by, take a look and grab a free writing pad!