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Software Engineer (part time and/or summer job) at Confocal

Loes Gennissen
Loes Gennissen
Published at: 12-06-2019
Last modified at: 24-06-2019

Confocal.nl develops, makes and sells a new kind of microscope with a higher resolution worldwide. The software used by this microscope is being developed by UvA and HvA students.

We are looking for a software engineer.

Tasks include:

Developing drivers for our microscopes (C++) Developing a user interface (Python) Thinking about the R&D process. Offering support to our customers worldwide Thinking about AI in microscopics.

We are looking for:

Someone that is available for a minimum of 16 hours. Someone that wants to combine a part time job with courses on the UvA. Someone with experience in C++ and Python. Someone that is looking for new challenges. For questions, send an email to harm@confocal.nl (CC to Mariliis@confocal.nl, or drop by at Science PArk 106.