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Guest Lectures at the Cygnus Gymnasium

Ferdi Zwamborn
Ferdi Zwamborn
Published at: 07-01-2019
Last modified at: 07-01-2019

The Cygnus Gymnasium is looking for a student that can teach the optional robotics module. As a student, this is an opportunity to earn some extra money. The module consists of three blocks each made up of 4 100 minute lessons, each block you will teach the same module to different students. These lessons will take place on thursday from 14.20 - 16.10. The blocks are structured in the following way:

*Block 1: 7-2 , 14-2, , 28-2, 7-3

*Block 2: 14-3, 21-3, 28-3, 4-4

*Block 3: 11-4, 9-5, 16-5, 23-5

If you're interested in giving the module in one or more of these blocks, please send an email to bestuur@svia.nl!