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Oliebollen Futsal tournament

Nienke Duetz
Nienke Duetz
Published at: 26-11-2018
Last modified at: 26-11-2018

Christmas is right around the corner, and therefore the Oliebollen indoor football tournament will take place as well! This will take place on Friday December 28th, in USC Universum from 10:00 am till 6:30 pm. The cost will be €40,- per team. (For example: in a team of 7 players, it is €5,70 per player)

This year there will be two different competitions: one pro competition for more serious or experienced teams, and a competition for the teams who just want to have some fun. If you sign up, you can choose in which competion your team will play.

Are you interested? You can sign up your team here!