For whom?

Copernica is looking for software heroes. Are you familiar with OOP and are you enthusiastic about complex algorithms? Then Copernica could be something for you.

Who are we?

Copernica is a software company involved in e-mail. You'll be surprised how many complex multithreaded processes are behind this. In our products we use the newest and most advanced software techniques. This can be achieved thanks to our broadly skilled personnel. We employ people from various backgrounds: Computer science, Math, Logic, Artificial intelligence, etc.

These are the products Copernica offers:

  • Copernica Publisher and Copernica Marketing Suite - powerful, complete solutions for e-mail marketing
  • Yothalot - Hadoop-ish tool for map / reduce algorithms in big data clusters
  • ResponsiveEmail - API converts raw JSON in HTML
  • PHP-JS - open source library JavaScript /PHP
  • PHP-CPP - create PHP extensions in C++
  • SMTPeter - cloud-based SMTP service
  • MailerQ - Smart Mail Transfer Agent
  • REACT CPP - C++ event loop library

You can always take a look at our Github

What will you be doing?

What do you want to do? Where do you excel in? You are free to do just that. From day one you will solve real software problems along with your colleagues. With the proper guidance obviously.

What do we offer?

At Copernica there is plenty room for your own initiative. We work in small teams in which responsibilities are shared clearly.

Are you ready for some clich├ęs? We provide a challenging yet supportive commercial learning environment. In our informal, yet highly inspiring company you are encouraged to bring and unfold your ideas. We have an amazing view and are conveniently located near Amsterdam central station, serve great Ethiopian coffee, have a awesome fun room with piano and pool table, serve a well catered lunch and have access to a good filled bar for those legendary friday afternoon drinks.

Sounds good?

Do you want to develop your software skills? Or do you want to develop yourself more towards business? In both cases Copernica could be something for you. You are always welcome for a cup of coffee.

Feel free to share your contact info and/or CV with Bas and Lisan at