Committee - SNiC 2024

Coordinator: Joran Timmerman
Email: snic2024@svia.nl

We, the SNiC committee, are the organizers of the annual SNiC conference, the largest information sciences conference in the Netherlands. Together with various mathematics and computer science associations throughout the country, we organize a new edition every year. And this year, it is our honor, via, to take the lead!

The purpose of our conference is to share knowledge about both the theoretical and business applications of information and communication technology. And this year, our theme revolves around SustainabilIT. We are determined to create an inspiring and informative experience for all participants.

As a committee, we handle everything from the venue and sponsorship to the promotion and program. Throughout the year, we work hard to ensure that SNiC becomes an unforgettable event that everyone can enjoy.

So get ready for an amazing SNiC conference where you can gain knowledge, meet new people, and get inspired. We look forward to seeing you there!

Committee members:

  • Merlijne Reeuwijk
  • Charlotte Hoogteijling 💙💸
  • Dionne Gantzert
  • Rachel de Haan
  • Joran Timmerman
  • Pim Meulensteen
  • Peter Soulard
  • Thomas van Zuilen
  • Cas Steigstra
  • Sasha van der Linden
  • Naud Sluis