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Committee - Interaction

Coördinator: Position vacant
Interim-coördinator: Gerben Koopman
Email: interactie@svia.nl

Looking for new members!
Would you like to join this committee? Send an email to to interactie@svia.nl

The Interaction Committee focusses on organizing activities to attract new members of via. One of these activities is the via-week, a week where lots of different activities are happening, specificially aimed at all students who are not (yet) affiliated with via, but everyone is welcome.

Do you want to join our enthousiastic committee? Then send an e-mail to interactie@svia.nl

Committee members:

  • Dylan Potharst
  • Gerben Koopman
  • Pim Meulensteen
  • Jop Keuning
  • Philip Goto
  • Jet van den Eertwegh
  • Jolein Rau