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Job openings for SNE TA's

Naud Sluis
Naud Sluis
Published at: 01-07-2024
Last modified at: 02-07-2024

We are looking for motivated Masters' students that want to assist with labs, participate and grade in the SNE (Security and Network Engineering) Master program. In particular: -The TAs will work approximately 1 or 2 days per week (flexible upon discussion) and they need to be present in lab sessions -They will organize the lab sessions for courses like SSN (Security of Systems and Networks), CIA (Classical Internet Applications), LS (Large Systems) and INR (InterNetworking and Routing) and they will actively assist SNE students in completing them -They will help with grading the lab assignments based on rubrics -Any experience of the TAs with the Master of SNE, Computer Science, VUSec or a related MSc with some exposure in networks, security or distributed systems is encouraged For more information, just contact Kostas Papagiannopoulos: k.papagiannopoulos@uva.nl