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Groningen Algorithm Programming Contest (GAPC)

Thies Nieborg
Thies Nieborg
Published at: 20-04-2023
Last modified at: 25-04-2023

On the 29th of April, the University of Groningen, through its study association Cover, is organizing the second edition of the Groningen Algorithm Programming Contest. The structure of the event is based on the ICPC format, the main difference being that the participants have access to the internet, and they are using their own laptops during the contest.

This is a full-day event, where besides the 4-hour contest, there will be activities, such as presentations, a small company fair and the awards ceremony. Cover will provide lunch, dinner and snacks for all the participants.

Considering that the last big competitive programming event was NWERC, in November, GAPC represents a good way for teams to get in shape and prepare for the preliminaries of the BAPC 2023. Nevertheless, the format of the contest allows the beginners to start their journey in the algorithmic contest world with nothing to lose, but just the chance to get experience and win awards.

For more information and registration, please visit: gapc.svcover.nl