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Data & Technology traineeship DNB

✔️ Yunus Demir
✔️ Yunus Demir
Published at: 17-09-2020
Last modified at: 21-09-2020

Work together with your fellow trainees and specialists on strengthening your expertise in the field of development, data and security as a Data & Technology trainee at DNB!

At DNB you will work with an impact on financial stability and sustainable prosperity. DNB also has over 600 tonnes of gold in its vault and dozens of terabytes of data: our new gold. This gold has to be mined carefully and that's where you come in. In our Data & Technology traineeship you will be part of various teams in the field of development, data and security. You will work together with other trainees and specialists on various innovations and you will work in an Agile way.

As a trainee, you will change function and department three times in two years. You will be part of specialist teams and will be introduced to development, data science and security. You will also follow training courses aimed at technical deepening and personal development. Visit our website for more information!