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ASML Best of Tech Business Course

✔️ Yunus Demir
✔️ Yunus Demir
Published at: 10-02-2020
Last modified at: 27-04-2020

On Thursday and Friday, April 2–3, 2020, you can experience the world of ASML at the Best of Tech Business Course. At this special ASML business course, you’ll not only learn about our semiconductor manufacturing technology, but you’ll develop the skills you need to work at a leading-edge tech company.

You’ll play a management role-playing game to improve your management skills, watch interactive presentations, and dive deep into our impressive technology in the ASML Experience Center. You’ll also get the chance to ask engineers about their experience at ASML and explore what the company can offer.

Who’s invited to the Best of Tech Business Course? At this event, ASML welcomes master’s degree engineering students from universities in the Netherlands, Belgium and Germany. To be eligible, you must obtain your degree between October 2020 and April 2021.

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