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Bas van den Brink
Bas van den Brink
Published at: 12-09-2019
Last modified at: 12-09-2019

The Dutch Nao Team is a group of students bachelor and master students focused on making robots play football in yearly competitions such as the Robocup. Last year we ended up in the top 12 (of 24) while the year before that we ended up almost last. Furthermore the Dutch Nao Team provides additional services like giving demo's and presentations, provide information to robot owners, giving out bachelor projects and providing thesis subjects for bachelors.

To be able to play football we solve all kinds of problems in different domains such as computer-vision, locomotion, behavior, code optimisation and framework management. Languages we use are C++, Python and Bash. If you find this interesting, you are welcome to come by the RoboLab where we will give some demos, provide snacks and answer questions. In order to estimate the amount of people showing up, we would appreciate if you fill in the form. You can also fill in the form to subscribe to the mailing-list (if you're too nervous to send one). \

Room C3.165 Sciencepark, right next to the elevator at the main entrance on the third floor.

Between 17:00 and 19:00 on 16 September.

Form: https://forms.gle/8fhdmX1pxptAHf546

Email: info@dutchnaoteam.nl