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Epicinium game kickstarter

Nienke Duetz
Nienke Duetz
Published at: 26-11-2018
Last modified at: 26-11-2018

Two via-members have, after graduating from the UvA, started working on Epicinium, a turn-based strategy game with a climate-theme. The game as been in beta for a while, and now they are on Kicktstarter!

Beside that it's a cool strategy game, a bit like Advance Wars but with online multiplayer, simultaneous turns, weather effects and a global-warming system, there are a few things that are interesting for via-members:

  • Self learning (i.e. machine learning) AI computer opponents, in collaboration with game AI researcher Sander Bakkes of the University of Utrecht.
  • Well documented JSON-API's which people can use to write their own AI's.
  • If the Kickstarter is successful, they will also launch an open source version of the game under a GNU GPL licence.

Are you interested? Take a look at their kickstarter or facebook.