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Master Workshop Layer I Solutions

Nienke Duetz
Nienke Duetz
Published at: 25-10-2018
Last modified at: 25-10-2018

In November, the second installment of the Master Workshop series will take place, this time main topic revolving around Layer I scaling solutions. There will be respected thought leaders and researchers from all over the world, who will give light on blockchain protocols, sharding and DPOS. The Master Workshop will be technical, down-to-earth investigation of onchain scaling possibilities.

Layer I, or on-chain, scaling solutions often refer to an increase in blockchain capacity via bigger blocks. In a more literal sense, this could also refer to any protocol change that improves the network’s capacity at the blockchain layer.

But not everyone agrees that on-chain scaling is feasible. Are these just band-aids? What are the fundamental tradeoffs? What can we expect in the future?

The Master Workshop is taking place in Amsterdam on 17th-18th of November. For more details and registration, you can click here.