Nobel laureate Ben Feringa on nanomotors and scientific success

Written by: Nienke Duetz
Last modified: 03-04-2018 19:16
Published at: 03-04-2018

Ben Feringa is one of the most prominent scientists in the field of chemistry. Together with Jean Pierre Sauvage, and Sir Fraser Stoddart our Ben Feringa formed a golden trio and won the Nobel prize for chemistry in 2016. He earned the prize for his work on the design and synthesis of nano motors. Not only is he highly esteemed for his research, he is also noted for his enthusiastic lectures as well as for being a true mentor to his students. During this session we will discuss his journey into science, the workings of his nanocar, the importance of his work and much more! Join us on Tuesday, the 10th of April at 12:00 in the central hall of the Science Park. For more information on Feringa related events on the 10th of April, go to the site.