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ACM-ICPC Training camp

Nienke Duetz
Nienke Duetz
Published at: 05-02-2018
Last modified at: 05-02-2018

Do you love competitve programming? Do you want to have the best preperation for the BAPC this year? The Catholic University of Leuven is organising a training camp!

This training camp is open to everyone. The goal is to provide training for the European ACM-ICPC regionals. The camp will last 6 days, from April 8th until April 13th.

On each of the first 4 days the training will focus a particular topic (DP, Graphs, etc.). It will consist of a 4 hour contest in the morning, with problems related to the topic. In the afternoon there will be a problem discussion, which will go in more depth than just a simple presentation of the solutions and explaining the theory around them.

The last two days will consist of a 5 hour contest with a style similar to European ACM-ICPC regionals. In the afternoon the solutions to the problems will be presented.

Every day ends with an upsolving session where the teams work on the problems that remain unsolved. The coaches will be around to answer questions.

The registration fee is 100€ per team member and includes the attendance at the camp, lunch (every day), daily coffe breaks and snacks. The fee does not include the accomodation. You can register until March 9th

Note that most universities can help to finance this kind of activities for their students. Make sure to check if de UvA wants to do this.

For more information, you can check the website.