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Suspense at Science Park

Written by: Nienke Duetz
Last modified: 10-10-2018 16:56
Published at: 23-01-2018

A body has been found at the Central Hall of Science Park 904. Was it an accident or not? The murderer has not been found, but new leads have come up. Time is ticking and the pressure is on. Can you connect the dots and solve the case before it gets cold?

Are you a 2nd or 3rd year bachelor student within the field of math, chemistry, physics, biology, informatics, artificial intelligence or computational sciences? Then your brains are needed to crack the case! Interdisciplinary teams will be formed that compete against each other, and each team member of the winning team will win a concert-gift voucher. We will celebrate the winning team with free drinks!

Date: 8 February
Time: 17:00
Location: Central hall Science Park