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Summer internship or part-time job at Het Scribe Collectief

Jet van den Eertwegh
Jet van den Eertwegh
Published at: 14-06-2024
Last modified at: 14-06-2024

Are you concerned about the mental health of young people? And would you like to use your technical skills for better and, above all, faster treatment? Then read on.

About us The Scribe Collective was set up by and for people in healthcare. Our dream? Satisfied healthcare providers and patients by taking administration out of their hands.

The Problem We focus on the mental health sector (GGZ). A sector under pressure due to a high administration burden and a shortage of care providers. As a result, people with mental health problems are regularly helped too late. With dire consequences.

The solution We are looking for bright students who want to collaborate with us on a proof of concept. The tool will realise speech-to-text in the consulting room and record a summary of the conversation in the file. This will save valuable time and help more patients. We are collaborating with renowned mental health institutions for this.

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