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Members sought for Commissariat of Acquisitions

Merlijne Reeuwijk
Merlijne Reeuwijk
Published at: 29-05-2024
Last modified at: 28-05-2024

We are looking for new members for the Commissariat Acquisition.

In this role, you and the rest of the commissariat will be responsible for maintaining and expanding the business contacts of via. Besides being a very educational experience, you will also help the association immensely. Unfortunately, Froukje Lycklama à Neijholt and Raven Timmer will quit after six months of hard work for the association. Therefore, we are looking for new enthusiastic members.

What will you deal with?

  • Drafting contracts and invoices
  • Maintaining contacts with companies
  • Organize lectures, in-house days and other activities
  • Much more fun stuff!

Do you have any doubts or would you like to join us? Then send an e-mail to acquisariaat@svia.nl!