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Abacus puzzle booklet!

Jet van den Eertwegh
Jet van den Eertwegh
Published at: 02-04-2024
Last modified at: 04-04-2024

Our sister society Abacus, the mathematics society of the University of Twente, is working on a puzzle book for all mathematics and computer science associations in the Netherlands and needs your help!

Would you like to contribute and help create puzzles? Then this is your chance! A sample of the last edition can be found here. A small side note: to prevent Abacus from having a puzzle booklet that only contains sudokus, try not to make more than two puzzles of the same "type".

As a small sidenote, to avoid getting a puzzle booklet filled with only sudokus, Abacus has asked you to not make more than two of the same "type of puzzle"

You have until 6 May to make one or more puzzles and send them to puzzel@svia.nl, and we will make sure they end up at the right place! When the puzzle booklet is finished, you too can enjoy your own puzzle and those of many others!