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Astronauts challenge Dutch students ahead of astronaut congress 2024

Thies Nieborg
Thies Nieborg
Published at: 24-10-2023
Last modified at: 24-10-2023

Astronaut André Kuipers is looking for students from mbo, hbo and wo for his new mission: NL MOONSHOTS '24. This program offers student teams the unique opportunity to work - coached by an astronaut - on a grand idea for humanity, a moonshot. NL MOONSHOTS '24 is organized in the context of the 35th ASE Planetary Congress, for which over a hundred astronauts will come to the Netherlands next year.

NL MOONSHOTS '24 challenges students of all levels to develop their own moonshot: a smart, innovative solution to a challenge we face as a society. Inspired by the unique perspective of an astronaut in space, moonshots can be about anything: from Earth and humanity to technology, artificial intelligence and more.

Participating student teams will have access to inspiring events and the right expertise and facilities to develop their moonshot in phases. Astronauts are involved as coaches and experts. For students, this creates a special journey from initial idea in January to the presentation of concrete concepts and prototypes at the ASE Congress in October 2024.

More information can be found here!