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SNiC Committee Seeks a Sponsorship Member!

Joran Timmerman
Joran Timmerman
Published at: 27-02-2024
Last modified at: 27-02-2024

The SNiC committee is looking for a new member to support us in organizing the National Informatics Congress (SNiC). SNiC is a national event where over 800 students from across the country come together. Next year in November, it's via's turn to organize the congress, with the theme "SustainabilIT."

We are searching for someone who is enthusiastic about helping with the sponsorship of our congress. If you enjoy reaching out to companies and finding sponsor partners, then we are looking for you!

Does this sound interesting to you? Don't hesitate to send an email to chair@sustainabilit.snic.nl or approach Joran Timmerman in person! We look forward to your involvement in our fantastic event.