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Confidential advisors at via

Mabel Traube
Mabel Traube
Published at: 15-09-2023
Last modified at: 18-09-2023

We at via now have our own confidential advisor! It is important that everyone can feel safe and welcome at our association. Have you experienced or seen something unpleasant, do you feel unsafe or do you need to say something? Then you can contact Dionne. She can be reached at dionnegantzert@gmail.com or speak to her if you run into her in the Kelder or at an activity. Look here for more information.

Dionne is now in her second year of the Master AI, and has been an active member at via for a few years. Dionne attended an abbreviated version of the confidential advisor training. Here she learned how to act and what is expected of a confidential advisor. You can find more information about (mental) health and confidants at svia.nl/health.