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Board 25 wanted!

Sasha van der Linden
Sasha van der Linden
Published at: 11-09-2023
Last modified at: 19-09-2023

As a board member, you are required to speak Dutch

Are you interested in doing board next year? Or do you just want to know what it's like to be a board for now? Schedule a meeting with the BaCo, short for "bestuursadviescommissie"! The BaCo is a special committee, appointed bij the GM, for guiding interested people through the process of becoming a board from via. Sign up for a chat by sending an email to baco@svia.nl! You're not stuck with anything, the BaCo is there to help you!

In the interviews, we help you with what to expect from becoming a board, what the process looks like and how you would fit within the board. Go to svia.nl/interesse for more information!