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Aan Zet seeks new chess teachers

Thies Nieborg
Thies Nieborg
Published at: 15-06-2023
Last modified at: 19-06-2023

This job is only available for Dutch-speaking people.

If you like teaching chess to children, Aan Zet is looking for you! You don't have to be super good, what matters is that you enjoy teaching children chess.

What does it involve?
During the lessons, you will teach the children the basic rules of the pieces to eventually teach them about checkmate. During a lesson hour, you will give 15 min of explanation, the children will do 20 min of tasks and play 25 min of chess games. These are all in workbooks that the children are given.

What does Aan Zet do for you/what do you get in return?
Aan Zet provides you with personal guidance, the first 10-20 lessons you walk along with an experienced teacher at one of the schools. You will also receive a teacher's manual with pedagogical tips and a global lesson plan (zoomed in on the chess lessons). Aan Zet arranges all the materials at the location, such as a demonstration board, chess sets, workbooks, pencils, etc. They also maintain contact with the schools/parents so you can focus on teaching.

The compensation as an independent teacher is € 25.00 per lesson hour.

How can you reach Aan Zet?
You can email at Amsterdam@aanzetschaakles.nl if you are interested or would like further information.