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Preference list for mentors Intreeweek

Mabel Traube
Mabel Traube
Published at: 15-05-2023
Last modified at: 22-05-2023

Are you interested in mentoring a group of first year´s after summer break? Intreeweek 2023 takes place from August 28th to September 1st, and via can submit a preference list for this. By being on the preference list, you have a better chance of becoming a mentor. To get on this list, you just have to nominate a crew member. The crew member must be available for at least one part of the day (morning, afternoon or evening) to help during Intreeweek.

There will be an actual check if this crew member shows up. If not, this will have consequences for the mentor assignment for next year. One person must fill out this form to get on the preference list. The deadline to sign up is May 28th.

Important: The mentors + crew member must be registered with Intree itself. Please do so here.