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Navara knowledge festival 6 April

Merlijne Reeuwijk
Merlijne Reeuwijk
Published at: 17-03-2023
Last modified at: 27-03-2023

This event is in Dutch

Navara is the high-end tech consultancy that employs passionate colleagues with technical master's degrees who work on digital platforms and products on a daily basis. Twice a year Navara organizes a knowledge festival. A unique opportunity to get to know the organization in an informal way, gain knowledge or catch up over drinks. During the knowledge festival, there are 15 break-out sessions in which relevant topics are highlighted by speakers with an impressive track-record.

Navara is opening its doors to interested parties for the first time this year. If you are interested, for a free ticket and/or more information, please visit Navara's website.

Highlights include:

  • Loose coupling at all scales - Cornelis de Mooij
  • Accessible front-ends - Rebecca Davidsson
  • About decisiveness - Former commando Ray Klaassens
  • Make innovation a celebration - Prof. ir. Deborah Nas