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New board!

Thies Nieborg
Thies Nieborg
Published at: 07-02-2023
Last modified at: 14-02-2023

On February 6th, during the board-change-GA, board 24 was voted in! The board consists of the following board members:

  • Chair: Sasha van der Linden
  • Secretary: Thies Nieborg
  • Treasurer: Thomas van Lieshout
  • Vice Chair: Mabel Traube
  • Commissioner of Acquisition: Merlijne Reeuwijk
  • Commissioner of Education: Wouter Petri

We thank board 23 for their efforts. It was a great year!

Board 24 is looking forward to the coming year! Would you like to meet the new board? Then come and visit us in the association room!