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Use your UvA-card to checkout in the Kelder!

Pim Meulensteen
Pim Meulensteen
Published at: 01-02-2023
Last modified at: 14-02-2023

You may have already seen it in the Kelder: there is a card reader next to the PoS-iPad. From now on, you can use it to pay even faster by scanning your UvA-card!

How does it work?

As usual, you tap the products you want to buy and then simply scan your card. The iPad immediately withdraws the amount from your PoS account (and not from your UvA card). So you no longer have to press Account, search for your name and enter your pin code! The first time you scan your pass you have to search for your account one last time and enter your code. After that, you can always use your card for quick checkout! Handy, right? See you in the Kelder!

Can't figure it out? Then ask someone from the board for help. No PoS account yet? Create one at svia.nl/pos!