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Theater Play SAFE SPACE

Pim Meulensteen
Pim Meulensteen
Published at: 14-11-2022
Last modified at: 14-11-2022

Together with the Time Out Foundation, the UvA is organizing SAFE SPACE, an interactive theater piece about social safety in student life. SAFE SPACE exposes problems and facilitates conversation with students, faculty, confidants, student advisors and education support staff. The subject is made discussable and different roles in a socially unsafe situation are considered. What can we learn from this? What can you do yourself? And how can we do better?

The play will take place on Tuesday, November 22 from 8 PM in the CREA theater (Nieuwe Achtergracht 170). Admission is free and there will be drinks and snacks afterwards. Want to read more or sign up? Click here!

Please note that this play will be in Dutch. An English version is being planned for 2023.