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All Ears: a call-line for students

Floor van de Leur
Floor van de Leur
Published at: 16-10-2022
Last modified at: 17-10-2022

All Ears is an initiative that aims to improve the mental well-being of students. Founded and managed by psychology students – who know all too well how tough student life can be – All Ears hopes to lower the bar to search for help. You can reach All Ears Monday through Friday from 10 AM till 6 PM, to tell your story to a psychology student, for free! Even though the psychology students are not professionals yet, they are more than keen to help you. Maybe you want to complain about your roommate who never does the dishes, about stress you have for an upcoming exam, or maybe you just went through something personal which you would like to discuss anonymously. Whatever might be the topic, the psychology students are literally 'all ears'! You can find more information on allearsamsterdam.com.