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Our Topper of September!

Rens Baas
Rens Baas
Published at: 10-10-2022
Last modified at: 17-10-2022

The long-awaited return of the toppers has finally arrived! This means it's time again to put one of our members in the spotlight!

Our topper of September is Sasha van der Linden! At the beginning of the month he gave us the chance to socialize with the new freshmen at the freshmen barbecues by organizing a game in collaboration with the interaction committee. Thanks to his enthusiasm, many tickets for the freshmen weekend were sold and everyone had a great time. He also organized a fun Magic the Gathering activity with the gaming committee and tried very hard to beat everyone in the game (which of course only failed with our lovely vice chair). We thank Sasha very much for his commitment and enthusiasm over the past month!

If you also know someone who should be put in the spotlight, please send an email to toppers@svia.nl to nominate someone!