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Floor van de Leur
Floor van de Leur
Published at: 03-10-2022
Last modified at: 03-10-2022

The new academic year has recently started, and for many of you that means going back to the lecture rooms. Of course, for a good number of you this means something completely different: the start of the rest of your life – graduated and pursuing a career in tech or academia. Sadly, that also means leaving your study friends behind you - and keeping in touch can be difficult. This is why the Information Sciences Association for Amsterdam Alumni (IS3A) was founded.

IS3A is a new association for graduates of computer science, information science, artificial intelligence and related studies located in Amsterdam. It’s a community of both academic and commercial professionals that support each other with career advice, networking opportunities, and sharing knowledge. Four times a year IS3A comes together for drinks, lectures or workshops organized by their members.

On Friday, November 25, IS3A organizes a networking event. The evening will start with an interesting presentation by one of the members, followed by drinks. Feel free to join if this sounds interesting to you! IS3A invites you to join these drinks without the obligation to become a member. Naturally, they hope to welcome you as one of their members and see you at future events. More information and the signup form can be found at is3a.nl.