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Create a Point of Sale account!

Merel Atia
Merel Atia
Published at: 19-09-2022
Last modified at: 19-09-2022

Do you get annoyed waiting for the super slow ATM during our weekly drinks night? The people behind the bar sure do! Fortunately, there is an easy solution: you can create a Point of Sale (PoS) account. This allows you to pay both in de Kelder and during drinks very easily. In de Kelder, you look for your name on the iPad and enter your chosen PIN code, after which the amount is withdrawn from your account. During drinks, it's even easier: all you have to do is say your name! The people behind the bar will then ensure that the correct amount is taken from the correct account. This way you can get your drink in your hands even faster!

Convinced? Go to pos.svia.nl to create an account and ask a board member (in de Kelder or at the drinks) to activate your account.

Don't want to create a PoS account? Then you can always use your debit card. Payment by credit card or cash is not possible!